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Wine About It Wednesdays – People Who Walk Too Slow – December 11th 2019

I used to think of myself as a pretty patient person and there’s plenty of times where that still applies to me, but the one thing that drives me absolutely crazy is when you’re trying to get somewhere and the person in front of you is moving as a snail’s pace. COME ON PEOPLE! Don’t you have somewhere to be too!? Maybe I need some wine…that should calm me down a bit…... [Read Full Story]

Wine About It Wednesdays – Christmas Shopping – November 27th 2019

It seems like once the holiday season gets here, it just starts zooming by, which means, you’ve got to start your holiday shopping. Only problem with that is….I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO GET ANYONE! Why does it seem to get more and more difficult every year!? Okay, well might as well grab a glass of wine and boot up the computer…I’d rather do this from the comfort of my own home at least.... [Read Full Story]

Rant Time Tuesday – Why Are Weekends So Short!? – September 24th 2019

We work hard all week long so we can get to the weekends to relax and enjoy our time off, but the problem with the weekends are that they’re too short! Between trying to get to all the errands you couldn’t run during the week and trying to relax, time just runs out so fast and then suddenly, it’s Monday again! Why does the weekend gotta be so short!?... [Read Full Story]

Rant Time Tuesday – Humidity is Melting My Face – August 13th 2019

I love summertime. It’s really one of my favorite seasons because you can be outside without having to wear a jacket and you can pretty much do anything you want….but something that can definitely get in the way, is humidity. It messes with your hair, your makeup and it can even make being active outdoors, a pain! Alright HUMIDITY…take a step back…I need to complain about you!... [Read Full Story]

Rant Time Tuesday – Why Buy The Fancy New Products When They Aren’t Up To Standard? – July 2nd 2019

I bought a new Mac Book Pro about a year ago. After only a couple weeks, it was having some keyboard issues. Took it in, they made it worse….took it in again, and they basically wiped all my stuff in order to fix the problem which now has be questioning, why did I buy the newest product if it isn’t even up to standard!?... [Read Full Story]

Rant Time Tuesday – Internet Trolls, You Just…Stop Talking Now – May 21st 2019

I’m pretty sure almost all of us who use social media, have either one or more people as “friends” that are definitely internet trolls. You know who I’m talking about…the people who always have something negative to say about anything and everything. Yeah those people need to be blocked but first, let me say something ’bout that!... [Read Full Story]