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U.S. Surpasses 200K Coronavirus Cases As States Issue Strict Stay-At-Home Orders


The U.S. recorded 681 deaths on Wednesday, its worst day since the coronavirus outbreak began. More than 200,000 infections have been reported, and public health officials are  considering recommending that more Americans wear face masks. “Even if you do wear a mask, it can’t be at the expense of social distancing,” Surgeon General Jerome Adams said, adding that higher-level N95 masks would not be necessary. ... [Read Full Story]

NYC Landmarks Convert To Hospitals In Midst Of Coronavirus Pandemic


New York City’s efforts are continuing to find places to build medical facilities in order to ease the burden on hospitals caused by coronavirus. The city is set to lease thousands of hotel rooms, and in some cases, entire hotels. Mayor Bill de Blasio said that federal authorities are working to rent hotel rooms to serve as non-intensive care facilities for Covid-19 patients and others. ... [Read Full Story]

5.7 Magnitude Earthquake In Utah Leaves Thousands Without Power


A 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit near Salt Lake City on Wednesday, temporarily shutting down a major air traffic hub and leaving thousands without power. There were no reports of injuries. The quake damaged the spire and statue atop the iconic Salt Lake Temple. The epicenter was just southwest of Salt Lake City, between the airport and Great Salt Lake. It was felt by about 2.8 million people who were already confined to their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. ... [Read Full Story]

President Trump Signs $100 Billion Coronavirus Relief Bill Ensuring Sick And Emergency Leave


President Donald Trump signed an economic relief bill to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.  The bill will ensure free testing and paid leave for certain workers, hours after the Senate passed the measure on Wednesday. Lawmakers overwhelmingly voted 90-8 in favor of the “phase two” stimulus measure. The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates the bill will cost $100 billion.... [Read Full Story]

Dow Jones Rises 1,000 Points After News Of Coronavirus Stimulus Plan


The Dow Jones Industrial Average rebounded on Tuesday, climbing more than 1,000 points or over 5% by the time market’s closed. The index saw more than 500-point swings, coming after it suffered its worst day since the “Black Monday” crash of 1987 on Monday, plunging nearly 3,000 points or 12.94%.  The S&P 500 and Nasdaq also climbed Tuesday, with both indices up by 5.99% and 6.23%, respectively, at closing. ... [Read Full Story]

Lockdowns Due To Coronavirus Pandemic Spread Throughout U.S.; Death Toll Hits Over 80


On Monday, the White House issued new guidelines designed to slow the increasingly rapid spread of coronavirus. In sum, they are asking nearly every American to stay home from work or school for the next fifteen days; saying essentially, America “is closed for business” In almost every aspect of daily life.  In some major cities, bars and restaurants have been told to close or only serve take out.... [Read Full Story]

Federal Reserve Slashes Rates Due To Coronavirus Pandemic As U.S. Death Toll Reaches 62


The U.S. Federal Reserve cut interest rates to near zero on Sunday in an emergency move to help the U.S. economy during the escalating global coronavirus pandemic. Interest rates were already cut by half a percentage point on March 3 at an emergency meeting, the first emergency cut since the financial crisis in 2008. The central bank said it was cutting rates to a target range of 0% to 0.25%. President Donald Trump called the move “terrific” and “very good news.”... [Read Full Story]