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OUT OF THE TECHNICOLOR CLOSET – Sex Ed & How To Protect You and Your Partners

It seems like when you’re talking to many people outside of the LGBT+ Community, the first place their minds go are right to sex. So, let’s get into it! Let’s talk about sex! There are plenty of us who are still not fully educated on various safe sex practices both in the community and outside of it. Linh and Stephanie discuss how to practice safe sex and to help ensure you and your partner(s) are safe.... [Read Full Story]

Out Of The Technicolor Closet – Mental Health & The Coming Out Process

Coming out is not an easy process for many people who are part of LGBT+ community. There are a lot of struggles we all have face on a daily basis that may have a great effect on our mental health. If we are not okay with ourselves or we worry constantly about what other people may think of us if they knew how we identify, we ultimately just feel consistently stressed. Linh and Stephanie talk through some of this process and describe some of the challenges they have and still face today.... [Read Full Story]

Out Of The Technicolor Closet – Navigating Schools & Workplaces As An LGBT+ Person

Being a person who is part of the LGBT+ Community, you have your doubts and fears about how people will treat you at school or at work. It can be a scary thing depending on where you live, because in so many places in the world, there is still so much discrimination present in school and work environments. It’s unfortunate, but we don’t always have the support of other staff members when all we want to do is feel comfortable in our every day lives.... [Read Full Story]

Out Of The Technicolor Closet – Transgender Health & Awareness

There is a lot to learn about the T in LGBT. Transgender is a term you probably have heard but may not understand much about people who identify as trans. With the help of our guest, Liz, we dive into this topic by discussing transgender health & awareness, gender identity and what people who identify as trans deal with on a daily basis, mentally, physically and emotionally.... [Read Full Story]