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The Happy Headline of the Day – Thursday, June 3

Kieran Moise of Huntsville, Alabama, is getting to start a new chapter in his life at the Air Force Academy. Part of the deal of being in the Air Force involves having short hair.
This affects Kieran more than most boys because he doesn’t like haircuts and hasn’t actually had one in six years.
Kieran wanted to make the most of this historic haircut, so he pledged to donate his hair for use in wigs for kids battling cancer.
The event also included some fundraising. Thanks to an online campaign, Kieran raised over $19,000 for St. Jude’s Hospital to celebrate his 19-inch-long afro.
Big things are in store for Kieran as he recently graduated from high school and is heading to the Air Force Academy this fall. And, he made the most of this transition by helping others before taking his next steps. (KSBN-TV)

The Daily Dish – Thursday, June 3

Whenever you can include both Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra in a story, there’s bound to be buzz.
Nearly 60 years after the death of the ill-fated Hollywood icon, People magazine reports that Frank Sinatra’s onetime manager claims Ol’ Blue Eyes was convinced Marilyn was murdered.
In his memoir Sinatra and Me: In The Wee Small HoursTony Oppedisano quotes Ol’ Blue Eyes late in his life speaking about friends who’d died before him — such as Monroe. “Frank believed she was murdered, and he never got over it.”
According to Oppedisano, Sinatra and Monroe were friends but never lovers. “Frank felt she was too troubled, too fragile, for him to sleep with and then walk away.” Yet, Marilyn apparently confided to Sinatra about affairs with both John and Robert Kennedy, even telling Frank she didn’t understand why the Kennedy brothers cut off contact after she stopped having sex with them.
There’s one other juicy tidbit. The book asserts that Marilyn and ex-husband Joe DiMaggio planned to reconcile — and that a press conference breaking the news was to take place just days after her death on August 5th, 1962. Oppedisano says “Frank believed if the press conference hadn’t been announced, she would have lived a lot longer.”
According to the book, Sinatra claimed several told him that Monroe been murdered with “a Nembutal suppository and Robert Kennedy or the Mob was involved.”

Chris Harrison is out as host of ABC’s Bachelor in ParadisePage Six reports.
In February, Chris took a supposedly temporary break from the Bachelor franchise after the backlash erupted over him defending a contestant who had attended an Old South plantation-themed party.
Chris was already sidelined from a season of the Bachelorette. Now, according to Page Six, he’ll be replaced on Bachelor in Paradise by a revolving cast of guests hosts — including David Spade.
No word if Harrison will return to host Bachelor.
He had hosted the Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise since their debuts.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, June 3

  • Repeat Day
  • Egg Day
  • World Bicycle Day

Well this is … bad … A new survey found that 1 in 2 people in relationships say their current partner is the worst sex they’ve ever had. That’s right – half of the people surveyed said the person they are with is lousy in bed. Sounds like the next step here is for these people to communicate better…
The same survey asked respondents if they’d ever injured themselves during the act. 57% of those who had injured themselves while doing it said it happened while trying to do it in the shower.

Guys, do you think you know what women want? A new study of more than 60,000 women from all over the world found that there is one thing that women overwhelming want in a partner. Here’s a hint – it’s not six-pack abs or a seven-figure salary. 90% of the women surveyed said that kindness is the most attractive trait a significant other can have. (PS I Love You)

The CDC says that if you’re vaccinated, you’re basically OK to go about “normal” life without worrying about masks, social distancing, avoiding crowds, etc. But not everyone is ready yet.
Some folks are still really worried about getting COVID, even though the odds are very, very low for vaccinated people. Experts say that’s natural, especially for people who generally have a low tolerance toward risk. They also note that all the media coverage and fear-based messaging of the past year has left people feeling anxious.
If you’re one of those people, there are ways you can cope:
  • Seek out positive messages, like how infection rates are plummeting.
  • Take things slow. Re-enter “normal” life a little bit at a time.
  • Keep wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer if it helps you feel more comfortable.
  • Find someone you trust to talk about your feelings with. Maybe even a professional.
  • Limit your exposure to media and social media that will trigger feelings of anxiety.
The important thing to remember is that feeling this way doesn’t mean you’re weak or that there’s anything wrong with you. (Medical News Today)

Music News – Thursday, June 3

Lady Gaga‘s Chromatica Ball just got bounced again — clear into next year.
The stadium tour was initially scheduled for the summer of 2020, but rescheduled until this summer due to the pandemic. But on Wednesday, Gaga issued a statement delaying the Ball yet again, saying, “While some parts of the world are moving quickly to open up, others are not yet ready. So until we can confirm all global dates, we have to postpone the Chromatica Ball shows to the summer of 2022.”
As of now, new dates have not been announced, but the North American shows are still expected to take place in Boston, Chicago, Toronto and East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Variety)

Demi Lovato and Olly Alexander of Years and Years will team up to host the YouTube Pride 2021 livestream on June 25th.
Billboard reports that the pop royals will join Trixie MattelDaniel Howell and Mawaan Rizwan for the six-hour event, which will feature musical performances, challenges and crowd-sourced short films.
Though the stream is free, viewers will be asked to donate to the Trevor Project, which provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth, as well as AKT, which does the same in the U.K.

Elton John tells Billboard magazine that he’s more interested in being a father than putting out new music. “I don’t think we are in a time where the world needs a new Elton John album. I don’t feel inspired to write or compose anything either. Right now I am a full-time father and I love it. I love being a father.”

The Happy Headline of the Day – Wednesday, June 2

About 10 years ago, Michael Campbell of Birmingham, Alabama, went overseas to Iraq to serve in the military. Now, he owns a lawn service company. He still serves others– one lawn at a time.
Michael returned from Iraq in 2012. When things were rough in his life, people stepped up to support him.
He remembers their assistance. Campbell now donates free lawn care to five families with loved ones who served in the military. He explained that he wants to “give back and show the same love” that was given to him all those years ago.
This is his first year Michael has made this offer — but he looks forward to making it a tradition. (WBRC-TV)

The Daily Dish – Wednesday, June 2

Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting engaged, again? Sure sounds like it.
A source tells People magazine, the reunited couple are taking their relationship to the “next level.” The two are allegedly  “slowly starting to talk about the future.” The insider adds, “This is not a casual relationship. They are taking it seriously and want it to be long-lasting.”
Ben and Jen aren’t hiding from photographers, either. They were spotted on Monday holding each other as they headed into Wolfgang Puck’s new restaurant at the Pendry hotel in West Hollywood.
Ben and Jen got engaged in 2003 but split up a few months later.

Actress Ellie Kemper has come under fire after photos surfaced showing The Office and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star participating in a debutante event many have deemed racist.
According to USA Today, “A 1999 archived article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch announced that ‘Elizabeth Claire “Ellie’ Kemper, 19, (was crowned) the 1999 Queen of Love and Beauty’ at that year’s Veiled Prophet Ball while she was a freshman at Princeton University.”
During the annual ball, according to reports, “a daughter of one of the group’s members is crowned queen by a ‘Veiled Prophet,’ a secret member who wears white robes and a white veil covering his face.”
Ellie comes from a rich banking family in Missouri.
The controversy comes from the fact that The Veiled Prophet Organization was founded by a former Confederate officer and was meant for the elite. Black people weren’t accepted into the organization until 1979.

Dick Van Dyke isn’t letting age slow him down.
The 95-year-old has gone viral after showing off his exercise routine during an interview with CBS This Morning.
In the clip, Van Dyke does crunches and says, “I’m 95, and a lot of my friends won’t do these… So all you old guys out there, listen to me, I’m telling you: You can keep going for a long— I’m still dancing! And singing!”
He later added, “I’m looking forward to 100. George Burns made it, and I’m gonna do it too!”
You can watch Van Dyke get recognized at the 2021 Kennedy Center Honors, along with Garth Brooks, Debbie Allen, Joan Baez and Midori, June 6th on CBS.

The Hot 3 from Honor Credit Union – Toast2Teachers Event

Today, we’re chatting about the upcoming “Toast 2 Teachers” Event on June 10th! To celebrate another school year (especially one so different), your first drink is courtesy of Honor Credit Union, featuring a complementary glass of Round Barn Estate Wine or Craft Beer. The first 100 teachers will receive a free wine glass! Check out Honor Credit Union and Round Barn Estate’s Facebook Page for event details!

... [Read Full Story]

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, June 2

  • National Running Day: A good day to go for a run
  • National Leave the Office Earlier Day: A good day to shut it down early
  • National Rocky Road Day: A good day for some ice cream
  • National Bubba Day: A day to celebrate all the Bubbas out there

You can add “Karens” to the endangered species list. Thanks to the popular meme describing entitled white woman asking to speak to the manager, 2020 saw a sharp drop in the number of newborn babies named Karen — according to the Social Security Administration. Although the name’s popularity has been in a steady decline for decades, last year saw the name drop 171 spots on the name popularity list to number-831. There were only 325 baby girls named Karen last year. Karen is on a pace to fall off the top 1000 names list in 2021. (Yahoo)

Have you ever had a crush on a co-worker? According to a new YouGov poll, that puts you in the majority of Americans. 54% of us admit to having the hots for a colleague. More guys than women have had a co-worker crush. Nearly 60% of men and just under 50% of women admit to it.  The pollsters didn’t ask people if they ever acted on those crushes.

Forget mama bears … It’s a teen dog mom you have to fear. A teenager in California has gone viral after physically pushing a bear off the wall of her backyard, in order to save her dogs. The security camera video shows the bear and two cubs on the wall. The cubs run off when the dogs start barking but the mama bear is seen attempting to claw at one of the four dogs. 17-year-old Hailey then ran over, shoved the bear back, then grabbed her dogs and went inside. Her cousin posted the video to TikTok. (Newsweek)

NBC says cicadas have stopped making noise in certain parts of the country because temperatures have dipped below 70 degrees. Cicadas don’t like cold weather and stop singing and mating when temps dive into the 60’s. However, our temps locally will be rising in to the 80s by week’s end, so the noise could return quickly.

Music News – Wednesday, June 2

Mariah Carey is pushing back against her brother’s lawsuit ignited by her memoir.
According to the New York Post, she wants Morgan Carey‘s action tossed out, claiming her book is a “matter of public interest.” Her attorneys argue that the combination of her fame and a desire to encourage young people who have difficult family backgrounds should require more evidence to prove defamation.
Morgan Carey’s feathers were clearly ruffled by references that he calls “mere gossip and of prurient interest” — and make him appear violent toward their father. He insists the opposite was true.
He adds that The Meaning of Mariah Carey harmed his reputation and caused a potential deal for a film project to fall through.
Morgan isn’t the only Carey angry with Mariah’s book. Their sister Alison filed suit back in February.

Taylor Swift is reportedly looking to bounce back from her disastrous Cats experience by joining the cast of yet another all-star blockbuster film.
According to Showbiz 411, Tay is set to climb aboard a Depression-era period drama that’s tentatively titled Canterbury Glass. The flick, which already stars Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, Rami Malek and Anya Taylor-Joy, will be directed by David O. Russell — the man behind films like Silver Linings Playbook and I Heart Huckabees.

Lance Bass and husband Michael Turchin are finally going to start the family they’ve been planning — with a set of twins!
Lance tells People magazine, “We told our friends and family about the ninth week, when we finally felt comfortable. You think you’re going to jinx it or something.” Michael adds  “We went through nine different egg donors, which is rare. We picked a donor for some of them. We got all the way down the path of about to retrieve their eggs. Some just wouldn’t produce enough eggs, some weren’t good genetic matches. If you’re going to be a match, you don’t want to even risk it.”
The twins — one boy, one girl — are due this fall.

The Happy Headline of the Day – Tuesday, June 1

While serving with the Army overseas in South Korea, Michael Steponovich worked closely with a German Shepard named Popeye, who was an expert at detecting explosives.
When Michael finished his career with the Army and moved to Las Vegas, he knew he’d miss his partner Popeye.
But, luckily, Popeye was also nearing retirement.
The charity group American Humane worked with Michael’s new employer — MGM Resorts International — to get Popeye back to America and back to Michael.
It all worked out. Michael was recently reunited with Popeye and filed official adoption papers.
It didn’t take long for Popeye to recognize Michael’s voice and the two continued their relationship as if they were never separated.
But now, they are both retired from the military and Michael was able to tell Popeye that he no longer needed to work. Instead, he’ll be able to relax and have fun at “Fort Couch” — as well as explore the great outdoors, including the beautiful state parks and trails in the Las Vegas Valley. (Las Vegas Sun)

The Daily Dish – Tuesday, June 1

Gavin MacLeod, who played Captain Stubing on The Love Boat and Murray on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, died Saturday at his home in Palm Desert, California. He was 90.
A cause of death wasn’t immediately revealed, but MacLeod had been in ill health for the past few months.
The actor appeared as a guest on a ton of shows — including Perry Mason, Ben Casey, Ironside, Hawaii Five-O, The Big Valley, The Andy Griffith Show, My Favorite Martian and Hogan’s Heroes. He also appeared in the films The Sand Pebbles, The Party and Kelly’s Heroes.
Ed Asner, his co-star on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, tells Variety that MacLeod “made everything easy” while on the set, and off the set, Asner says, “I realized that whenever I was tense, (MacLeod) was there to relieve it. I treasured his friendship.”

Kim Kardashian has filed a restraining order against an alleged stalker. TMZ reports the reality star accuses 32-year-old Charles Peter Zelenoff of taking multiple videos of the exterior of her house and posting online about wanting to be in a relationship with her. A judge has ordered Zelenoff to stay 100 yards away from the star. Kardashian’s lawyer says he’s been convicted of battery twice in the past.

Pictures surfaced last week of actor MILES TELLER and his wife having a blast in Hawaii with AARON RODGERS and SHAILENE WOODLEY.  But it wasn’t ALL fun and games for Miles . . . because he was ASSAULTED.
On Wednesday, he and his wife were at a restaurant called the Monkeypod Kitchen in Maui.  Miles went to the bathroom, where he was punched in the face by a wedding planner.
It turns out Miles and his wife got married there in 2019, and this guy was THEIR wedding planner.  And he thinks Miles still owes him $60,000, so he decided to take it out of his FACE.
Police are investigating, but nobody’s been arrested yet.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, June 1

Tuesday, June 1. TODAY IS:
  • National Say Something Nice Day: A good day to compliment someone.
  • National Go Barefoot Day: Time to ditch your shoes.

It’s June … which, of course, means it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Forget iced tea and ice cream – over on the Hallmark Channel it’s all about hot chocolate and gingerbread. Hallmark will be airing Christmas movies every Thursday and Friday night starting this Thursday. (BHG)

Seems like a no-brainer – especially this year – but a survey has found that warm weather makes us want to do more. According to the survey, the average person is 31% more social in the summer than in the winter. And 50% say summer is their busiest time of year.

Sometimes it is incredibly important to pay close attention to the instructions your gym trainer gives you. A woman has gone viral on TikTok, after revealing how she sent pics of herself in her underwear to her trainer. But this wasn’t a case of sexting to the wrong person – or even the right person. Seems her trainer told her to take “before” pics of herself in her bra and underwear so she could see her transformation. But she mistakenly thought she was supposed to send the pics to him. In the video, which she titled “How do I go back?” she shared screenshots of their text chain, including where he lets her know the pics were actually meant for her, not for him. He even shares that he was out to dinner with his girlfriend when he got the text. Oops. (Independent)

Is working from home here to stay? Every week there are more surveys coming out showing how people want to keep working remotely. The latest is a survey by FlexJobs, which found that 65% of people surveyed said they want to continue work from home full-time. 56% went so far as to say they would quit their jobs if they had to go back to the office. Reasons people want to keeping working from home? No commuting hassles, they save money by working from home, and greater flexibility and work-life balance. (Well and Good)

Music News – Tuesday, June 1

Singer B.J. THOMAS died Saturday after a battle with lung cancer.  He was 78 years old.  B.J. is best known for the song Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head. It won the Oscar for Best Original Song in 1970, because it was featured in the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”.  (It was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.)
B.J.’s other hits included Hooked on a Feeling(Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song, and I Just Can’t Help Believing. He also did the “Growing Pains”  theme song, As Long as We Got Each Other.

John Mayer is cooking up a mysterious new project, but he’s not quite ready to reveal the details just yet.
On Friday, he teased something called “Sob Rock” and encouraged fans to go to SobRock.net where they can fill out a sign up sheet to learn more.
“Sob Rock is coming soon,” the site reads. “We can’t tell you whose album it is yet, but sign up below to learn more as it’s announced.”
If you fill out the form, you get a message that says, “Thanks for signing up. Stay tuned for more information on Sob Rock soon!”
In the meantime, if you use the Sob Rock hashtag on Twitter, an emoji of John’s face pops up. So start tweeting your best guesses!


84 year-old Henlay Foster has finally graduated from Washington University.He earned his degree by taking virtual classes from his home in Rockville, Maryland. Foster now has a degree in music. He was nine credits short of graduating when he enlisted in the Army and was sent to Germany as a young man. When Foster returned to the United States, he started working instead of returning to school. Foster plans to celebrate his graduation this weekend with an Italian dinner.... [Read Full Story]


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are no longer talking. A source tells OK! Magazine that there is a lot of pain and rage about breaking off the engagement. Jen might look happy back with Ben, but what we didn’t see was the agony and pain that she went through breaking off her engagement to A-Rod and breaking up their kids who had become so close. Jennifer is angry about what Alex did when they were engaged, while Alex is angry about what Jennifer did after they broke the engagement off. Which explains why they are no longer speaking.... [Read Full Story]


Here’s something to consider as we approach the holiday weekend … You’re not imagining it — time really does fly when you’re having fun. A study from Ohio State found that our brains perceive time as going by faster during positive activities. And, of course, when it’s a negative activity – like a dreaded work meeting – the brain perceives time as going more slowly. In other words, your three-day weekend is going to feel like it lasted one day. So enjoy!... [Read Full Story]


Camila Cabello’s singing voice didn’t get her the audition that landed her in Fifth Harmony — her tears sealed the deal.
Simon Cowell remembers Camila’s first day on the X Factor set, where she was thought to be an also-ran. Cowell says she wasn’t even meant to audition. Since the auditions were running on time, Camila was a reserve. Cowell went backstage and saw her lying on the floor crying. He asked what was wrong. She said, “They won’t let me audition.” Cowell then said just go out and audition. She did, and it was amazing.... [Read Full Story]

The Happy Headline of the Day – Thursday, May 27

Girl Scout Troop 627 of Johnson City, Tennessee, was extra motivated to sell cookies this year because they vowed to donate a portion of their proceeds to a local animal shelter.
Their campaign was a huge success and, earlier this month, they were able to wheel in piles of food bags, supplies, and toys to the shelter — over $700 worth in all.
One troop member — Elliot Guinn — said the troop’s shared love for animals inspired the act of kindness. She called the decision to donate “easy” because the troop wanted to “help the animals and help them get new homes.” (WJHL-TV)

The Daily Dish – Thursday, May 27

Brad Pitt has been granted joint custody of his six children with Angelina JoliePage Six reports.
The exes have been fighting through the courts for nearly five years, and it may not be over. A source said it was a “tentative decision,” and that Angelina is continuing her legal fight.
The judge in the case made his decision after months of witness testimony, including child services professionals and therapists.
Angie filed for divorce in 2016 immediately after Brad allegedly got physical with their then-15-year-old son Maddox during a flight.

NBC didn’t have to travel far to find a replacement for Ellen DeGeneres — they simply promoted Kelly Clarkson to the featured daytime slot.
The Kelly Clarkson Show — which is owned by NBC’s syndication arm — will take over for Ellen in the fall of 2022. Kel’s contract runs through the end of 2023, and producers say, “We’re working on some big plans for season three and are looking forward to becoming the premier show in daytime for years to come.” (Hollywood Reporter)

Howard University will name its College of Fine Arts after the late Chadwick Boseman. The Black Panther star graduated from Howard in 2000. (TMZ)

Chris Noth confirms that he’ll reprise his Mr. Big role in the Sex and the City sequel series at HBO Max. Production on the 10-episode series is set to begin this summer. (Deadline)

The “Star Wars” sequel trilogy left a bad taste in the mouths of many fans . . . in part because it seemed to lack focus and direction. That’s because J.J. ABRAMS did the first one . . . then another guy came in and wrote and directed the second one, and he didn’t necessarily follow up on all the plot threads in J.J.’s movie. Then a THIRD guy was hired to write and direct the last movie, but he quit over creative differences, and J.J. had to jump back in and take over. And in a new interview, J.J. says, quote, “I feel like what I’ve learned as a lesson a few times now . . . is that you have to plan things as best you can, and you always need to be able to respond to the unexpected. “Having a plan I have learned . . . in some cases the hard way . . . is the most critical thing, because otherwise, you don’t know what you’re setting up.  You don’t know what to emphasize . . . you want to be leading to something inevitable.”

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, May 27

  • Grape Popsicle Day

Here’s something to consider as we approach the holiday weekend … You’re not imagining it — time really does fly when you’re having fun. A study from Ohio State found that our brains perceive time as going by faster during positive activities. And, of course, when it’s a negative activity – like a dreaded work meeting – the brain perceives time as going more slowly. In other words, your three-day weekend is going to feel like it lasted one day. So stop and enjoy it!

Want to go vegan or vegetarian but just haven’t been able to quit meat? Here’s an easy (and healthy) middle ground – eat a plant-based meal for dinner. Researchers in China found that having a plant-based meal at dinner can reduce the risk of heart disease by 10%. Seems it’s all about timing – because people who eat too many refined carbs and fatty meats at dinner have a greater risk of heart disease than those who eat that way in the morning. So … have that bacon for breakfast if you want, but skip it at dinner.

I’ve told you in a past edition of Coffee Talk about “geriatric millennials.” Now those millennials have more to worry about related to their geriatric status! Too much TV during midlife can put your brain at risk for dementia. New research shows watching TV each day during adulthood can age the brain faster. Screen time apparently affects the “grey matter” in your brain. That’s the stuff that helps coordinate muscle control, seeing, hearing, decision-making and other important brain functions. Studies show a zero-point-five percent decline in grey matter volume for every additional hour of TV viewed. So go on and pop open a book.

When you hit the road, do you make a road trip playlist? You’re not alone. A new survey found that 60% of people taking a road trip make a play list to set the mood. How essential is the perfect playlist? 35% of those surveyed said they would turn the car around if they didn’t have the right tunes. What are some of the must-have songs on the perfect road trip playlist? Here are the Top 5, according to the survey:
  1. “Sweet Home Alabama,” Lynyrd Skynyrd — 39%
  2. “Hotel California,” The Eagles — 29%
  3. “Life Is a Highway,” Tom Cochrane — 27%
  4. “Take Me Home Country Roads,” John Denver — 26%
  5. “On the Road Again,” Willie Nelson — 25%
47% of those surveyed said they have a road trip memory tied to a particular song.