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The Happy Headline of the Day – Friday, February 26

During last week’s winter storm in Texas, the Illuminidol candle company — located in the city of Austin — was able to help those in need by giving away candles.
Owner Gavin Inverso picked up 2,000 candles from the warehouse with his van — and then put the word out on social media. Anyone who needed a candle was welcome to one.
Gavin took things even further.
He found people with pipe issues and turned off their water. He drove to get supplies for neighbors and friends. He even opened his doors to neighbors, so they could come inside, stay warm, and use his hot water.
Gavin explained that giving away candles and helping out “just seemed like such a small thing, compared to people not having heat.” And, his mission to help also improved his mood, admitting that he “definitely left every place feeling a lot better.” (KXAN-TV)

The Daily Dish – Friday, February 26

The next time you see someone famous in a New York restaurant, it might not really be them.
New York’s famed Peter Luger’s Steak House has borrowed wax replicas of celebrities from Madame Tussaud’s of Times Square to occupy space that, for now, can’t host diners.
They placed a faux Jon Hamm, of Mad Men fame, near the bar, as a novel way to enforce social distancing guidelines and limited capacity. They even have the Tonight Show‘s Jimmy Fallon at a table, while weatherman Al Roker points at the sky with his wax doppleganger at the bottom of a staircase directing diners to an upstairs area.
The concept can even stir up memories of classic Hollywood — with Audrey Hepburn posing as her Breakfast at Tiffany‘s character Holly Golightly sipping a martini. (Yahoo News)

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler return to host the 78th annual Golden Globe Awards Sunday.
The Netflix movie Mank leads the way with six nods, and The Trial of the Chicago Seven is right behind with five. The late Chadwick Boseman is up for Best Actor in a Drama for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.
The show airs live Sunday on NBC at 8 p.m. ET.

Adam Sandler tells the Golf Channel that he would green-light a Happy Gilmore sequel. The comedian said, “It has not been discussed. But it certainly has been discussed on the Internet, and believe me, that Senior Tour idea… it would be so amazing.” The original movie celebrated its 25th anniversary last week. (ComicBook.com)

John Mulaney has finished his 60-day stint in rehab and is said to be doing well.
The comedian had checked into a treatment facility last year for alcohol and drug abuse, including cocaine.
A source says, “John has completed 60 days in rehab and now he’s in outpatient sober care. He is doing well, although he is still not ready to return to work.”
Last year, a source told Page Six, “His fans know he’s struggled in the past with sobriety, he has talked about it openly. Unfortunately, he has struggled again during the pandemic.”

Furry Friends Friday with Bambi from Animal Aid of Southwestern Michigan – February 26

Or FURRY FRIENDS FRIDAY Featured Pet from The Mason Jar Cafe is BAMBI!
Bambi is a spayed female dark tiger cat with an adorable white tip on her tail. She is approximately 3 years old and was left behind at a local apartment complex. Bambi is talkative and will roll on her back to get belly rubs. Good with other cats, hesitant with dogs, would be good with children with introduction. Call Animal Aid of Southwestern Michigan at 269-926-4279 to learn more our beautiful Bambi.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, February 26

  • Carpe Diem Day
  • National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Are you a night owl? It could be affecting your work. A study from Finland found that night owls are more likely to struggle during work hours and actually are twice as likely to perform poorly at work than their early bird counterparts. Why? Because they’re tired!

What sounds have you missed since the pandemic began? A new survey found that among the sounds we miss most are live music (38%), a movie playing in surround sound in a theater (35%) and fans cheering at a sporting event (28%). Another sound people miss? Conversation. In fact, 62% of people respondents said social distancing has put a big dent in “the art of the conversation.” (SWNS)

Can’t go on vacation? Bud Light Seltzer wants to fix that … with their “Out of the Office” variety pack. You may not be able to travel right now, but Bud Light wants you to act like you’re on vacation with their new hard seltzer flavors — Watermelon Mojito, Classic Margarita, Mango Mai Tai, and Strawberry Daiquiri. The “Out of Office” packs will be available on March 1. (Delish)

A scientist at Stanford University has a new theory why Zoom calls feel so EXHAUSTING.  Basically, it’s because they’re too intimate, so they’re triggering the parts of our brain that make us want to either FIGHT or MATE.  And that’s stressful.
“On Zoom, behavior ordinarily reserved for close relationships, such as long stretches of direct eye gaze and faces seen close up, has suddenly become the way we interact with casual acquaintances, coworkers, and even strangers.”
The study suggests a few easy fixes like not using full-screen mode, or occasionally turning off your camera. Even getting up and walking around a bit helps.

Music News – Friday, February 26

A man who’d been dog-sitting for Lady Gaga was ambushed late Wednesday night by a crew of creeps who shot him and stole two of the three pups he was walking.
Ryan Fischer was found “conscious but barely breathing” outside his West Hollywood home according to cops. A police report says that two of Gaga’s French bulldogs, Koji and Gustavo, were stolen. A third, Miss Asia, meanwhile, ran away and was later recovered by police.
The attackers fled the scene in a white BMW and are still at large. Gaga is currently in Italy on a film shoot. (Daily Mail)
TMZ reports that Gaga is offering a $500,000 reward for the return of her dogs, “no questions asked.”  The dogwalker, Ryan Fischer, is in the hospital, but is expected to recover fully.

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds and his wife, Aja Volkman, have donated his childhood home to the cause of expanding the reach of a non-profit that runs community homes for LGBTQ youth.
Reynolds teamed with a group of others that includes Apple and the owners of the Utah Jazz. The campaign’s name, “$8 million, 8 houses,” is its mission statement. It will allow the Utah-based organization Encircle to construct new homes in Utah, Arizona, Idaho and Nevada to go with the three it already operates and one under construction in Utah.
The Las Vegas home where Reynolds grew up is expected to fetch $1 million. Jazz owners Ryan and Ashley Smith will pitch in $2 million and Apple another $1 million plus “products that promote digital connection, creativity and education.” (Billboard)

Columbus Short, a backing dancer who had a brief romantic fling with Britney Spears, says the star’s parents dropped the n-word when trying to convince her to drop him.
Short, who says Brit pursued him before they got busy back in 2003, says that he was cuddled up next to her when he overheard the abuse over speaker phone. He tells the Inside Hollywood YouTube show, “I was next to [Britney] while she was on the phone with them crying while she had it on speaker. [They asked] why are you [sleeping with] that [n-word]?” And that, “Britney looked at me so apologetically, knowing I’d heard it. I shook my head and didn’t say anything, because what was there to say?”
Spears’ mom, Lynne, disputed Short’s account. She tells the New York Post, “Those terrible words are not remotely in my vocabulary. I would never say that to anyone, much less my daughter. Ever.”

The Happy Headline of the Day – Thursday, February 25

SpaceX is a company that has been working toward sending civilians into space — and not just astronauts.
Well, they’re a step closer as they announced a spaceflight that will include only civilians — and one of those “regular people” will be 29-year-old Hayley Arceneaux [ARR-seh-no].
When the spacecraft lifts off, Hayley will be the youngest-ever American to fly into space.
It’s actually unfair to call Hayley “regular” because she’s already something of a hero here on Earth.
She’s currently a physician assistant in Memphis, Tennessee — and also a cancer survivor, as she beat the disease about 20 years ago.
All of her hard work through the years is certainly paying off now, as she’ll be aboard the Inspiration 4 mission, serving as the crew’s medical officer.
Hayley says her battle with cancer prepared her for space travel, explaining that it helped her “expect the unexpected and go along for the ride.” (Engadget)

The Daily Dish – Thursday, February 25

Photos surfaced Wednesday of Lady Gaga arriving in Rome, Italy ahead of filming a bio-pic focused on the fashion world’s tragic death of Maurizio Gucci.
Gaga takes the lead of role of Gucci’s murderous ex-wife. Patrizia Reggiani spent 18 years in an Italian prison for arranging Gucci’s assassination. She hired a hitman after Gucci chose to marry his mistress.
Filming begins next month on location. Gaga has dreams of winning the Academy Award for Best Actress starring opposite two Best Actor winners Al Pacino and Jared Leto, plus Adam Driver. (E! News)

Simon Cowell says he came close to being paralyzed following last year’s e-bike accident.
The America’s Got Talent judge did his first interview about the incident with his ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour on Extra.
Simon admits the accident left him drifting in and out of consciousness. He adds, “It could have been a lot worse. When I saw the X-ray, I really nearly could have smashed my spine to pieces, so I literally wouldn’t have been able to walk.”
Cowell insists he’ll return from his injury “fitter than I was before I had the accident. I’ve never been in this situation in my life where you literally can’t move. The pain was off the charts.”
He’s also reportedly thinking about suing  the company behind the e-bike he was riding at the time of the accident.

It’s a boy for Katharine McPhee and David Foster.
The baby is the first for the couple, who wed in 2019.
A rep tells People magazine that the 36-year-old singer and the 71-year-old producer “have welcomed a healthy baby boy. Mom, Dad and son are all doing wonderfully.”
The couple met in 2006 when David mentored Katharine and other contestants on Season 5 of American Idol.
David is already father to five daughters — Sara, 40, Erin, 38, Jordan, 34, Allison, 50, and Amy, 47, from two previous relationships.

Tiger Woods won’t face criminal charges over his car wreck.
Asked if the golf star would face a reckless driving charge, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Tiger would not be charged and added that “his is purely an accident.” Villanueva said there’s no evidence that he was under the influence of a substance when he drove his SUV off a cliff in Southern California on Tuesday.
Officials say they didn’t bother to take a blood sample because there were no obvious signs Woods was impaired. He was arrested for DUI in 2017.
Meanwhile, his doctor said early Wednesday morning that Tiger is “awake, responsive, and recovering” after surgery to repair “significant injuries” to his right leg.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, February 25

  • National Toast Day
  • National Chili Day
  • National Clam Chowder Day
  • National Chocolate Covered Nut Day

Seems quarantining has changed our bathroom boundaries … With couples spending so much time at home together, bathroom boundaries have pretty much been … well … flushed. A new OnePoll survey found that the average American couple has six conversations a month … while one of them is on the toilet.

Creamy or crunchy peanut butter? Seems crunchy peanut butter lovers are more optimistic than their creamy peanut butter counterparts. A survey commissioned by Jif found that 63% of those who prefer crunchy peanut butter describe themselves as optimists, compared to 56% of those who prefer creamy peanut butter. Crunchy peanut butter fans are also more extroverted and more likely to be night owls. Creamy peanut butter fans tended to be early birds and more introverted. (SWNS)

There are plenty of great stories about bad tattoos … but this one may take the cake. A TikToker asked people to share their stories of their unfortunate tattoos, when a user responded, “I win.” And she pretty much did. “I got this tattoo,” she said in her video. “I’d wanted it for a couple of years. [The saying] basically means like, be true to yourself and real, and not pretending to be something you’re not.” Sounds pretty normal, right? Well, the message wasn’t the problem, the timing was. She got the tattoo on March 4, 2020. The saying she got inked on her forearm says, “Courageously and radically refuse to wear a mask.” She said she’s been wearing long-sleeve shirts all year to hide it. (In the Know)

Music News – Thursday, February 24

Taylor Swift‘s new version of  “Love Story” sits atop Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart.
She’s grateful to her fans for getting the song to debut at number-one. “They’re the ones who emboldened me to reclaim my music and they really showed up this week to see it through. It blows me away that they’ve sent a song to number-one that had its first life over a decade ago. I couldn’t be happier that it happened now, and in this way.”
The new take on the song joins Dolly Parton‘s versions of “I Will Always Love You” as the only two re-recorded songs to hit the top of the chart. (Billboard)

And Super Bowl half time artist The Weeknd tells Billboard magazine that he still believes the Grammy Awards are corrupt for not nominating him this year. “I use a sucker punch as an analogy. Because it just kind of hit me out of nowhere. I definitely felt … I felt things. I don’t know if it was sadness or anger. I think it was just confusion. I just wanted answers. Like, ‘What happened?’ We did everything right, I think. I’m not a cocky person. I’m not arrogant. People told me I was going to get nominated. The world told me. Like, ‘This is it; this is your year.’ We were all ver

The Happy Headline of the Day – Wednesday, February 24

Back in 1973, Karen Autenrieth lost her wedding ring in a snowbank in Chicago. Amazingly, earlier this month, that ring was returned to her.
Six to eight years ago, Sarah Batka — who lives in the home where the ring was lost — found the ring while she was gardening. She didn’t know what to do with it, so she just kept it in a safe place.
Then, earlier this month, Sarah was inspired to track down the owner, realizing she could use the Internet and social media to solve the puzzle.
Sarah connected with two historians — Carol Flynn and Linda Lamberty — who are experts on the history of Chicago neighborhoods.
Sure enough, Carol and Linda were able to figure out that the ring belonged to Karen — and the ring was returned.
Karen, of course, was shocked, as she never expected to see the ring again. And, she is extra excited about it because she and her husband will be celebrating their 55th anniversary in April. For the first time in nearly 50 years, she’ll be celebrating that anniversary with her wedding band on her finger. (Chicago Tribune)

The Daily Dish – Wednesday, February 24

Monday afternoon, Tiger Woods offered golf lessons to a pair of stars and taped the session for Golf TV. They may have the honor of the being the last ones to ever hit golf balls with Tiger.
Future NBA Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade shared a video with Tiger. The basketball player asked him about his golf game. While shaking his head “no,” Tiger said Dwyane played “good.”
Actor David Spade also shared a selfie with Tiger from Monday. He joked in a tweet ,(quote) “Golf lesson with this guy today. And you know what? He’s not bad… He picks things up very quickly. Good listener.”
Tuesday morning, Tiger was scheduled to tape golf lessons with two NFL quarterbacks, New Orleans veteran Drew Brees and Justin Herbert of the Los Angles Chargers. (Us Weekly)

Any day now, Emma Stone and husband Dave McCary ought to announce the arrival of their first child.
One of her friends leaked (quote) “Emma is so excited to be a mom. She has been prepping for the baby these last few months. She has been waiting for this new chapter for a long time.”
During the pandemic, Emma and Dave McCary eloped. They have not been public with their relationship, which started shortly after meeting at his work – on the set of Saturday Night Live – almost four years ago.
Friends expect Emma to remain private about the child. She “can’t wait” to deliver but won’t make a big spectacle like so many other celebrity moms do. (Us Weekly)

French actor Gerard Depardieu is in trouble with the law again — this time, for allegedly raping a young actress in 2018.
According to a report in the Guardian, the woman has accused Depardieu of sexually assaulting her as they rehearsed for a play in his apartment.  The 72-year-old, who earned an Oscar nomination in 1991 for his role in Cyrano de Bergerac, has denied all allegations.
Depardieu has a long rap sheet of less serious offenses, including a 2011 arrest for urinating in the aisle of a plane in mid-air because the restrooms were occupied.
An attorney who represents the alleged victim says she hopes her client’s “private sphere will be respected” as the criminal case unfolds.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, February 24

National Tortilla Chip Day: A good day for some chips and salsa.

You hear a lot about all the comfort foods that people have been reaching for over the last year, but it seems just as many people are reaching for healthy stuff  — particularly vegetables. 70% of people in a new survey say they have been eating healthier than ever — and 39% said their stay-at-home time has led to them eating more veggies. 68% said they have been using veggies more in their cooking and in more innovative ways. (SWNS)

Speaking of healthy eating … Move over paleo and vegan diets, there’s a new diet in town … and it’s a combination of both of those popular diets. It’s called the “pe-gan” diet. Created by physician and nutrition author Dr. Mark Hyman, the diet is basically 75% plant-based – with some animal products allowed … like grass-fed meat and butter, organic eggs, and wild-caught fish. (Insider)

We’ve all had that moment when we’re driving and the CHECK ENGINE light comes on.  And then we’ve all ALSO had that moment where we just ignore it, figure it will go away on its own, and keep on driving.
According to a new survey, people will drive around for an average of nine days with the check engine light on before they actually take their car in to the shop.
The survey also found almost half of Americans have been late to an event or missed it completely because of their car breaking down.
The most common things we’ve missed are birthday parties and hanging out with friends.

Music News – Wednesday, February 24

John Mayer recently watched Framing Britney Spears, and says the documentary left him feeling both depressed and fortunate.
John, who hit big around the same time Brit did, tells Sirius XM host Andy Cohen, “To see the sadness in this human being, I was on the edge of tears five times, because if you understand what this business-slash industry-slash-lifestyle does to a person is to have infinite grace for those who struggle with it.”
Mayer added that he was spared the same bad treatment by the press and the industry because of his gender. “I came out OK… I have a very strong feeling that part of that is because I’m a man. A lot of these things that happen to female performers is endemic to being female. If you’re a man, you’re an outlaw. If you’re a woman, you’re kind of crazy. And when I watched that through that lens, my heart just ached the whole time.”

Ellie Goulding just revealed that she’s pregnant — seven months pregnant.
The British singer broke the news during an interview with Vogue, adding that she purposely avoided public events since August so she could keep the pregnancy a secret. She says, “We did the one show. I was pregnant and had no idea. That was [around] the time when [my husband] Caspar and I went away briefly when we were allowed to for our one-year anniversary. It was crazy because it was our one-year anniversary.”
How has the pregnancy has changed her life? “Becoming pregnant kind of made me feel human. I want a better word than womanly, [but] — I have curves I’ve never had before. I’m enjoying it. My husband’s enjoying it.”

Don Henley tells The Dallas Morning News that Kenny Rogers helped launch his career. “Kenny was a generous and caring man, a wise mentor to so many of us. Fifty years ago, The Gambler took a gamble on me and my first band from small-town Texas, and his big-hearted support launched many careers, including mine. He also gave me some of the best career advice I ever got: ‘You’d better be nice to the people you meet on the way up, because you’re going to meet those same people on the way back down.’”

The Happy Headline of the Day – Tuesday, February 23

Back in March of 2020, Ryan Sivley was in a serious car accident and nearly died. Luckily, he recovered from his injuries — and recently used his second chance at life for a good cause — by helping hundreds of stranded drivers during the winter storm that hit Texas.
Ryan owns a four-wheel-drive truck — which he calls “The Beast” — and went out into the elements, helping drivers who were stuck because of the icy roads.
Using recovery straps and chains, Ryan just kept pulling people off the road — and then giving them safe rides to warm places.
Ryan said that as fast as he was clearing cars out, people were pulling in and getting stuck. And so, Ryan kept moving and helping.
He estimates that he rescued about 500 people — and was motivated to do all he could because it seemed like he was their last hope.
Many of those he helped started a campaign to raise money for him as a gesture of thanks. But Ryan explained that he wasn’t looking for payment. He just didn’t want to let people remain stranded, in the cold, on the road, if he could help it. (The Seattle Times)

The Daily Dish – Tuesday, February 23

Woody Allen calls the HBO documentary about his alleged sexual abuse a “hatchet job.”
The first episode of Allen v. Farrow aired on Sunday, and in it, Mia Farrow‘s adopted daughter Dylan Farrow detailed the abuse she allegedly experienced at the hands of the director when she was a young girl.
On Monday, Allen and his wife, Soon-Yi Previn, sent out a joint statement claiming the filmmakers “spent years … collaborating with the Farrows and their enablers to put together a hatchet job riddled with falsehoods. Woody and Soon-Yi were approached less than two months ago and given only a matter of days ‘to respond.’ Of course, they declined.”
The first episode in the four-part series also chronicled how Mia met Woody and brought him into her family.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have joined the relief efforts in Texas following last week’s winter storm.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made a large donation to the Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support facility in Dallas which suffered devastating damages. The money, which is coming from the couple’s nonprofit Archewell Foundation, will be used to replace the roof on the facility and make other repairs. Genesis Women’s Shelter, which provides support for women and children in abusive situations, thanked the couple and said, “Not only will this gift provide for our critical needs, it shines an international spotlight on violence against women and children, letting survivors know that they are not alone.” (People)

The Daily Star says actor Zac Efron has given up his Hollywood lifestyle in exchange for a life in the Australian Outback. He is quarantining in a $140,000 fifth wheel RV. The motorhome has a double bed, a leather couch, a shower, automatic pop-up televisions, hot water and a full kitchen.

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Waco, Texas restaurant is under water because of the recent winter storms. They posted: ”Here in Waco, we opened the doors to a busted pipe that flooded our restaurant… but we know this same story is playing out across the state, with so many people facing far worse. But there is something we can do now… We can work to change what tomorrow holds for a lot of these people. Let’s do some good today.”

The Coast Social Network with the Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber – Tuesday, February 23

Zack is joined by Sarah Spoonholtz from the Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber, who introduces us to Joshua Diehl from the Logan Autism Center in Southwest Michigan. Joshua shares some of the great programs and support the center provides to the community, and more details on the Great Logan Nose-On. Find out more at thenoseon.org.... [Read Full Story]

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, February 23

  • Play Tennis Day
  • Banana Bread Day

If you could stay one age for the rest of your life, what age would it be? Seems for a majority of people, the perfect age is … 36. A survey found that only 40% of those polled would want to be stuck in their 20s forever. For most, mid 30s is the sweet spot. (SWNS)

Do you have good sense of humor? Good news – you’ll probably live longer. A study from Norway found that people with a healthy sense of humor – those who like to make others laugh and can laugh at themselves — live an average of eight years longer than their grumpy peers. And researchers out of Stanford believe that during difficult times laughter is a great tool for maintaining both mental and physical health. (Travel & Leisure)

Telehealth has become the new normal for doctor’s visits because of COVID, but it turns out Americans really like seeing their doctors remotely — and look forward to doing it even after it’s safe to resume our normal lives. According to a recent survey by Kaiser Permanente, 98% of respondents have used telehealth in some form over the past year and 85% would prefer telehealth for their next doctor’s appointment — pandemic or not. (Daily Motion)

In a wonderful sign that life is returning to somewhat normal, The Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff was approved by the St. Joseph City Commission last night to happen, with some safety restrictions, in July of this year on Lake Bluff Park. And, Six Flags says it’ll open all of its 26 amusement parks for the 2021 season. There’ll be capacity limits and reservations required along with face masks. Six Flags is working on exact dates it’ll reopen. In the meantime, the company is looking to hire thousands for the season.

Music News – Tuesday, February 23

Daft Punk have called it quits, and they said goodbye with a video that’s as weird and mysterious as you might expect.
The duo shared an eight-minute video titled “Epilogue,” in which they appear in their usual robot costumes. They stand together in a desert landscape, until one takes off his jacket to reveal an energy pack inside. The other touches a button on the pack, causing the first guy to explode into flames as their moody song “Touch” plays in the background.
Daft Punk rose to North American stardom in 2013 with the smash “Get Lucky.” They won a Grammy the next year for their Random Access Memories album. (Variety)

The Jonas Brothers reunion has hit a roadblock. The youngest brother, Nick Jonas, is returning to a solo career.
This coming weekend, Nick will guest host Saturday Night Live and perform a new song, “Spaceman.”
Because of Nick’s priorities, the Jonas Brothers nixed a new album. It had been available for pre-order. They recorded enough music last year, but they won’t release it if Nick can’t promote it.
A showbiz insider confirmed, (quote) “The Jonas Brothers’ reunion is effectively over for now. They had an album ready to go but then the pandemic happened. Realistically, it will be a while before they do music as a trio again.” (The Sun, UK)

The Happy Headline of the Day – Monday, February 22

When the cold weather storms hit Texas last week, delivery driver Chelsea Timmons was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
She was attempting to make a delivery to Doug Condon and Nina Richardson in Austin around Valentine’s Day, when her car slid down the driveway of their home, into their flowerbed — and broke down. The car wouldn’t start. Chelsea was stuck.
When Doug and Nina learned that a tow truck wasn’t available because of the terrible weather, they invited Chelsea into their home.
Her bad luck ended up turning into good luck.
Chelsea stayed with Doug and Nina for five days. They weathered the storm by enjoying meals together — and, mostly, just staying warm. Near the end of her stay, Chelsea baked a cake for the couple to show her appreciation for their generosity.
And finally, after five days, things cleared up enough for a repair truck to show up and get Chelsea’s car moving again.
It was an unusual Valentine’s Day for everyone involved, but it was also one that they will never forget. (KMOV-TV)

The Daily Dish – Monday, February 22

Within 24 hours of Kim Kardashian filing for divorce due to  “irreconcilable differences,” the Daily Mail published the paperwork with her signature. California law considers divorce filings “public record.”
Kanye West agreed to a prenup, which said their assets are “separate property.” Kim has nearly $800 million and he’s worth more than $1 billion. Neither is obligated to provide spousal support. Each is responsible for legal fees and paying their divorce lawyers.
The divorce claims “there are no community assets.” Kim requested joint custody of their four children. (Daily Mail)

Prince Harry has responded to Queen Elizabeth‘s announcement that he and wife Meghan Markle have been removed from their royal roles — and Prince William is “furious.”
According to a report by The Sunday Times, the Duke of Cambridge is “really sad and genuinely shocked” about his brother’s behavior toward the Queen.
On Friday, Buckingham Palace confirmed that Harry and Meghan won’t return as working royals and will no longer have royal involvement with several U.K. charities.
In response, Harry and Meghan released their own statement, insisting that “we can all live a life of service. Service is universal.”
According to The Sunday Times, sources close to William said he’s “very upset by what has happened,” and found Harry and Meghan’s behavior “insulting and disrespectful.”
Another source added, “You don’t answer the Queen back — it’s just not done.”
But while the future king is said to be “furious” at his brother’s “insult” to the Queen, insiders say William misses Harry and hopes one day to reconcile.

James Franco has reached a settlement in that sexual misconduct suit his former students brought against him.
The star was accused in a 2019 lawsuit of intimidating several female students into sexual situations at the acting school he founded.
Now the two women have agreed to drop their individual claims. According to Variety, “Their sexual exploitation claims are also being dismissed without prejudice, which leaves them open to being re-filed.” The financial amount of the settlement hasn’t been disclosed.
Franco’s attorneys have called the allegations “false and inflammatory.”
Since the allegations surfaced in 2018, the Disaster Artist star has kept a low profile.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, February 22

  • National Margarita Day
  • Walking the Dog Day
  • World Yoga Day
  • Be Humble Day

Everyone is anxious to get vaccinated, and with so many people who are eligible struggling to just get an appointment, seeing celebs post selfies celebrating getting their vaccines when healthcare workers and the elderly are still waiting is a bit infuriating. Most recently, Amanda Kloots posted a selfie to social media celebrating getting a vaccine and was promptly shamed by fans and followers for what they assumed was her skipping the line.
Quick refresher … Kloots’ husband,  Broadway actor Nick Cordero, died last summer after a long battle with COVID and she has been an advocate for not only getting the vaccine, but also following CDC- mandated guidelines. After the backlash she asked the public not to vaccine shame her on such a happy occasion and further explained that she went to the vaccine distribution center to just “see” if they had any extra vaccines after everyone scheduled got one, and she lucked out. (Page Six)

You know how people are being hyper-critical of their looks, because of all the time spend looking at themselves on Zoom meetings? Well, there’s a name for it. Yep, this obsession with perceived flaws has been dubbed “Zoom dysmorphia.” (Real Simple)

Is marriage success in your DNA? A new study from the University of Arkansas found that the key to a happy marriage may, in fact, be determined by your genes. Specifically, there is a gene variation – one that relates to traits such as bonding and gratitude — that may affect how successful your relationship is. So … it’s not your fault … it’s your DNA!

Is your to-do list so big you don’t know where to start? Try the two-minute rule. If you have something you need to do that will only take two minutes, do it first. Then go on to the things that might take 5 minutes. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll tick those to-do items off your list. (Medium)

Music News – Monday, February 22

Lady Gaga talks a lot about honesty and kindness, but one of her former employees says she got fired with an impersonal E-mail.
Creative director Laurieann Gibson shaped the packaging of Gaga’s tours and artwork from the Fame Monster days through Monster Ball. But when she began working with other people, including Katy Perry and Naomi Campbell, she got the boot without warning.
In her new book Dance Your Dance: 8 Steps to Unleash Your Passion and Live, Gibson reveals, “Some of the people around her thought I shouldn’t be working with other artists. They thought that I was taking too much spotlight — even though I didn’t want her spotlight. Just as I realized this chatter was happening, Gaga fired me. In an E-mail. I’m not even sure she wrote it herself.”

The fallout from Justin Timberlake‘s too-little, too-late apology to Janet Jackson continues — now that a writer dusted off an old tweet in which J.T. mocked the idea of saying “sorry.”
Journalist Ernest Owens re-posted a 2016 chat that started when he threw shade at Justin for appropriating black music and asking him to “apologize to Janet, too.” Justin quickly clapped back, “Oh, you sweet soul. The more you realize that we are the same, the more we can have a conversation. Bye.”
Justin tacked his Janet apology on to one he offered to Britney Spears in the wake of his creepy behavior, shown in the Framing Britney Spears documentary.