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Red Sox Protested Because They Don’t Want the Yankees to Cheat Again

Saturday afternoon the New York Yankee and the Red Sox played a marathon 16 inning game which the Yanks walked away with a 4-1 win. Not without incident, a play with former Red Sox Jacoby Ellsbury on the basepath caused a commotion in which John Farrell formally protested an interference non-call simply because they don’t want Holliday and the Yankees to try something like that again.... [Read Full Story]

Not a Good Week For Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot

Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott is having a bad week in the spotlight, first for a potential involvement in an assault during a restaurant altercation. Now he is appealing a misdemeanor conviction for a speeding citation issued in early April where he was pulled over going 100 mph in Frisco, TX.... [Read Full Story]

Andy Murray Tennis Player and Feminist

In the press conference after his loss in the fifth set to American Sam Querrey, Andy Murray quickly corrected a reported when referring to Querrey as the “first U.S. player” to reach a major semifinal since 2009. “First male”, Murray said cutting off the reporter, knowing that just Serena Williams alone has won 10 major titles since 2009, never mind the other US female athletes who have accomplished the feat.... [Read Full Story]

Aaron Judge’s Big Turnaround

While Aaron Judge struggled badly in his first taste of the majors during the 2016 season, things have changed. He’s now on his way to destroying home run records, and also a strong contender for the American League MVP Award, among other possible awards as well.... [Read Full Story]