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Josh Norman Predicts Lots of Fines & Possible Suspensions in NFC East This Upcoming Season

The NFC East might get even more heated this year, to the point where Josh Normal is predicting “a lot of fines and maybe even suspensions”. The Washington Redskins cornerback has a few choice words for Dez Bryant and Odell Beckham Jr, calling Odell a “kid” and saying Bryant is “just a guy” who can’t intimidate him because you “can’t bully a bully”. ... [Read Full Story]

Why Lebron Breaking MJ’s Record Isn’t As Impressive As It Seems

The Cavaliers beat Boston in Game 5 to advance to the NBA Finals, where they’ll face off against the Golden State Warriors. During Game 5, LeBron James surpassed basketball god Michael Jordan for most career play off points. Skip Bayless points out that LeBron might have beat MJ’s playoff marker, but is about 2,000 shy of regular season points (in the 14 seasons each have played).... [Read Full Story]