South Haven Council Puts 6-Month Moratorium On Floating Homes


Floating homes are not allowed on the water in South Haven for the summer. The city council approved a six-month moratorium last night to give city staff time to craft an ordinance. Assistant City Manager Griffin Graham was asked by Councilman Joe Reeser about other communities with such rules and regulations.

“The only other community in the state of Michigan that we are aware of with these types of regulations is the city of Saugatuck. Other than that, we were unable to find any others in the state of Michigan with these types of regulations.”

Councilmember Steve Schlack asked the city attorney for the city’s definition of what would have a moratorium.

“Floating home means floating structure that is designed to serve primarily as a dwelling unit or a collection of dwelling units. They are capable of navigation but are not designed primarily for navigation, nor are they normally capable of  self propulsion.”

House boats are not part of the moratorium by definition according to the city attorney. The six-month moratorium passed the city council by a 4-2 vote.