Gravity Winery: Meet the Makers, Season 2 Episode 1


At Gravity Winery they do things a little differently. Not only do they strive to make great tasting wines, but they also want to make it a “delightfully memorable” experience. They recently remodeled their 2,000 square foot tasting room that was built only a few years ago in 2011. Inside the tasting room there are large windows overlooking the vineyard but I suggest taking your wine flight out on the patio this Summer and enjoying live music and a great time with your friends. Speaking of something that was delightfully memorable, I had a chance to sit down and have a glass of wine with Rocky and Allison Rick the owners of this awesome winery.

Listen to the podcast and when you are done, plan your trip to Gravity Winery by going to and also check out Gravity Winery HERE

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