Coffee Talk Podcast – Friday, July 17

A British teen went a little too far to shoot the perfect TikTok video and ended up needing firefighters to rescue her.
For some reason, the 14-year-old’s video required her to squeeze into a baby swing at a park, so that’s what she did. But she got stuck and couldn’t get out. First her friends called her mother for help, but she couldn’t get her out. So her mom called the fire department, which sent a rescue crew over to the park with tools and liquid soap to slide her out of the swing. Although her TikTok video didn’t work out as planned, she still got to experience viral fame as her rescue was captured on video and shared on YouTube. (NY Post)

What’s in a name? Well, just type your first name into Poke My and it will give you all sorts of cool stats, like how popular it is — and even how popular it is as a middle name.

Need a laugh today? Check out The Craftsman Blog’s Instagram account. It’s an account dedicated almost entirely to shaming homes with really bad shutters. After scrolling through the pics and realizing how many bad shutters there are out there — and how hilarious looking at bad shutters can be — you’ll understand why account owner and historic preservation contractor Scott Sidler has over 30,000 followers. Every #ShudderSunday, Scott posts photos and commentary of truly shameful shutters that will have you laughing out loud … and thinking about shutter placement on your own home and every home in your neighborhood. There’s also awesome renovation photos and design inspo that will have you happy to follow this unique account. Who knew shutters could be so entertaining?!