Music News – Tuesday, November 17

Fans who were angry about Scooter Braun buying Taylor Swift‘s song catalog last year are going to be even angrier now that he’s flipped the rights for an even bigger payday.
Variety reports that Scooter, who paid $300 million for the master tapes of Tay’s work, just sold his stake to an unnamed investment fund for what’s described as “a sizeable profit.” It’s unclear just how much the new owner can earn from Taylor’s old recordings, since she’s declared her intent to re-record most of the albums — making sure that her new versions, and not the ones previously owned by her former label, are the ones used in advertisements, TV shows, movies, games and other uses.
At the time of the original sale, Swift called Braun a “bully” and said he was “the definition of toxic male privilege in our industry.” Braun is famous for managing Justin Bieber since his beginning as a teenage heartthrob.

Kelly Clarkson had to put the brakes on her  talk show last week after her staff was hit by “a number” of positive COVID-19 tests.
Deadline reports that the star’s production company had been doing regular tests as required by the state of California, and turned up several positives — although Kelly herself tested negative. Taping was tentatively set to start up again this week, but as of Sunday, no official decision had been made.
Kel’s not the only one facing the pandemic dilemma. Several shows —  including Real Housewives of Atlanta and Chicago Fire — have had to shut down production due to staffers falling ill.

Ed Sheeran seems to have found a way to turn a positive into a negative — by making his country estate less valuable with some of those expensive additions.
According to Britain’s Sun, local real estate experts say that Ed might have cut the value of his rural property by nearly $1.5 million by tacking on a slew of fancy extras that nobody else would want. Agent Paul Gibbens of Housebuyers4u says, “As the estate is so unique to Ed’s taste, it could actually have a negative impact on the sale price and the cost of reverting the features could be hefty.”
Ed’s add-ons, some of which angered his neighbors, include a pub, a giant tree house, a prayer room, an underground music room, a wildlife pond and tunnels connecting everything.