Happy Headline from United Federal Credit Union – Monday, August 31

For more than a week, firefighters in Northern California have been working night and day, battling some serious wildfires.

The job certainly isn’t easy, but a two-year-old golden retriever named Kerith is doing her best to make things easier by comforting firefighters at a base camp.

Kerith is a certified crisis response therapy dog — and takes her job very seriously, providing smiles and a sense of playfulness to firefighters who feel they need a break from the action.

The firefighters and Kerith’s handlers explain that Kerith is a very special dog with endless love and affection — and that “her favorite people are firefighters.”

She makes people feel loved and special and important — exactly what’s needed during such a difficult challenge, when everyone is being pushed to the limits. (See the full story at The Mercury News)