Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, October 16

  • World Food Day (a day to try food from other countries)
  • Dictionary Day (a day to find random words in the dictionary to learn)
  • National Boss’s Day (a day to be super nice to your boss)

Working from home is quickly becoming working from anywhere … A new survey by Airbnb of work-from-homers found that 60% want to spend some time working from somewhere other than their homes. And no surprise – their ideal destinations are near water. 37% want to work at a place near the ocean and 18% want to rent a place by a lake. The survey found that 54% are looking for a change of scenery, and 29% said a new location would make them more creative. 19% said they wanted to stay somewhere closer to friends and family. (The Sun)

Speaking of working from anywhere … First it was Ferris wheels as restaurants, and now … offices. Remote workers are being lured to an amusement park in Tokyo, which promises free WiFi and the opportunity to use a Ferris wheel car as your office desk. Talk about a change of scenery. For just $18, work-from-home employees have full access to work from anywhere in the park — including on the Ferris wheel. And the best part? After quitting time, anyone who worked remotely at the park gets full access to all the other attractions. (Daily Motion)

Is the election stressing you out? Maybe it’s time to live under a rock for a while. is offering a five-night stay in a room under a rock, in a cave about 50 feet underground in New Mexico. The website says the room is perfect for “those who are experiencing election stress disorder” — and it costs just $5 a night. But I can’t imagine it will very comfortable.

Speaking of stress … Nature really helps lift your mood — even if you’re just watching it on TV. Researchers at the University of Exeter in the UK found that watching nature programs not only made people happier – but it also significantly reduced feelings of boredom.