Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, December 8

Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day
National Brownie Day

What songs are a must on your workout playlist? According to a survey commissioned by Rock My Run, 65% of respondents said they had “no motivation” to exercise without their workout music. And when it came to top music genres for workout playlists, there were no clear favorites — with most people saying they mixed it up with a little bit of everything. But some songs seem to be a staple on everyone’s workout playlists. Rock My Run has named the 50 Best Workout Songs of All Time. The winning song at the top of the list? “We Will Rock You/We are the Champions” from Queen.

From labor to lawyer … The Chicago woman who made headlines in October when she went into labor during the bar exam, gave birth, and then finished the test, is more than just a new mom. She’s also a new lawyer — because she found out last week that she passed the bar. To refresh your memory … Brianna Hill was supposed to take the exam in July, three months before her due date, but when the pandemic pushed it off to October, she knew it might conflict with her delivery — and she was right. Her water broke during the first part of the two-day exam. She gave birth later that day and then finished the test the next day in the hospital. Congrats, Brianna! (WMAQ-TV)

Forget gingerbread houses, charcuterie houses are all the rage this year. Yep, instead of gingerbread, icing, candy canes and gumdrops, these savory houses are made of cold cuts, cheese, crackers, nuts and veggies. (Shape)