Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, February 11

  • National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day: A day to remember that life is short – so we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.
  • National Make a Friend Day
  • Satisfied Staying Single Day

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, here’s a good question: Do you believe in soulmates? Seems romance is still alive and well, because according to a new YouGov poll, 60% of the more than 15,000 Americans surveyed said they believe in soulmates. Just 23% said they don’t believe in the concept, and 18% were unsure. Women were more likely than men to believe in soulmates – 64% vs. 55%.

Would you refuse to date someone because of their zodiac sign? Seems there is a particular sign that most people stay away from. Can you guess which one? We’re looking at you, Geminis. A survey asked respondents to think about the relationships they’ve had, and to name a sign they would never date again. 46% picked Gemini. Cancer was the second “least date-able” sign with 37% choosing it, followed by Taurus (36%), Aries (34%) and Leo (31%). (SWNS)

What is the length of your relationship in dog years? If you feel like the pandemic has “aged” your relationship, you’re not alone. In fact, Groupon teamed up with a Cambridge mathematician to develop a formula to come up with the “dog years” equivalent of what a year together during the pandemic is in relationship years. Seems a year together in the pandemic is about four relationship years. (SWNS)

There’s an asteroid out there that’s supposedly the size of the Golden Gate Bridge that’s on course to zip past us around March 21st. It’s somewhere between half-a-mile and a full mile in diameter — and it’s traveling at a speed of 21 miles per second. This thing is big enough and will be close enough for NASA to classify it as “potentially hazardous.” But don’t worry. Scientists say that we shouldn’t panic because it will be 1.25 million miles away when it flies by.