The Happy Headline of the Day – Friday, June 4

In Wasilla, Alaska, a postal worker saved the day by paying for extra postage to make sure a couple’s wedding invitations were sent out on time.
The bride-to-be, Crystle Lewis, thought she had put enough postage on the 50 invitations that were being sent out. But because of the fancy wax seal on the envelopes, more postage was needed.
The post office informed Crystle and her fiancé that the envelopes couldn’t go out — and those envelopes remained in Crystle’s post office box.
Postal worker Edward Mayton noticed, day after day, that the invitations weren’t being delivered and figured that somehow, some way, the couple didn’t get the message.
So, in order to avoid a disaster and save the couple’s big day, Edward purchased extra postage out of his own pocket and got things rolling again.
Crystle and her fiancé learned about Edward’s kindness later on and were thrilled that Edward helped them out. They found Edward and tried to pay him back for the additional postage, but he refused to accept any money, explaining that it’s important to simply take care of each other. (Fox News)