Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, July 28

  • National Milk Chocolate Day

Has your circle of friends gotten smaller? A study published by the Survey Center on American Life found that Americans have fewer friends than they used to. The study revealed that 49% of Americans over the age of 18 said they had fewer than three close friends. In 1990, just 27% of Americans said they had fewer than three close friends. In 1990, 33% reported having 10 or more close friends, while today, only 13% said they had 10 or more good friends.
The pandemic definitely had an effect on friendships. The study found that 47% of Americans said they’d lost touch with at least a few friends over the last year. Women, in particular, said they’d lost touch with friends during the pandemic, with 59% saying they had lost contact with friends in the last year.
But it’s not just the pandemic that has led to fewer close friendships. Things like marrying later, spending more time with their kids than past generations, and working longer hours has also affected friendships. (NY Post)

Why do these things not happen to us when we’re bored? A man in South Carolina who won $375,000 on a lottery scratch-off ticket said he only bought the ticket because he was bored and looking for something to do. (UPI)

Walmart wine … Walmart is launching their own wine collection. The Walmart Winemakers Selection is an international affair, including Malbec from Argentina, Italian Pinot Grigio, French rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon from California, and a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. Each bottle is just $10. (The Drinks Business)

And speaking of Walmart, lots of college freshman will be heading off to school in the next couple of weeks, packed with stuff to fill their dorm rooms. Good Morning America has a list of some of the dorm essentials every college freshman needs, including shower shoes and a shower caddy, a small fridge and a single-serve coffee maker, comfy bedding, a mattress cover, noise canceling headphones, and an LED light.