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Jack-O-Lanterns: Pineapple vs. Pumpkin

Every Halloween we carve up pumpkins into Jack-O-Lanterns, but there is a new trend where people are carving up pineapples instead. We decided to try this out and show you what is easier to do and what looks more scary a pumpkin or a pineapple. Check out the video to see how it went. You can also try this with other fruits as well like watermelon, squash, or even apples!... [Read Full Story]

Yesterday was a good day for Demi Lovato and her fans!

Yesterday (Tuesday) was a big day for Demi Lovato, who not only premiered her much anticipated documentary Simply Complicated on YouTube, but also posted a lyric video there for another track off Tell Me You Love Me, “Hitchhiker.”  Lovato calls “Hitchhiker” “both sexy and a little risky.” She says it’s “about experimenting with that special someone and going on an adventure with them.”... [Read Full Story]

Domaine Berrien Cellars: Meet the Makers, Episode 14

In the peak of harvest season, with the smell of grapes beginning to ferment in the tanks around us, soon the fruits of the labor put in every day by the folks at Domaine Berrien Cellars will be the delicious wine that is produced each year at this wonderful winery that Jonny had a chance to visit. In the heart of Southwest Michigan’s wine country on a beautiful October day, Jonny sat down with Wally Maurer, to talk about how wine is made to be shared with everyone, just make sure you keep a glass or two for yourself of course.... [Read Full Story]