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Happy Headline: Man Completes Rowboat Trip Across Lake Michigan

Jacob Beckley is safe in Chicago after a nearly 24 hour trip across Lake Michigan in a rowboat to raise money to fight childhood cancer. Beckley left St. Joseph Monday morning, followed by a spotter boat in case of trouble, and he made it to his destination early Tuesday. His goal was to raise $25,000 for Lurie Children’s Hospital, of Chicago, and as of Tuesday afternoon, he’d raised more than $18,000. Beckley originally meant to leave St. Joseph Sunday night, but fog forced him to reschedule for Monday. On his Row4ACure Facebook page, Beckley posted a message Tuesday morning saying he made it safely to shore, adding, “Right now I have no muscles.” He rowed about 65 miles during his trip across the lake. You can find out more at Row4ACure.com.... [Read Full Story]

Has Lady Gaga agreed to perform at the Super Bowl?

Gaga wants this gig.  She’s aiming for a huge year — Super Bowl, a new album next month, American Horror Story and A Star Is Born with Bradley Cooper.  The NFL never wanted to get scooped on their own headline-making announcement and pushed back on several headlines announcing Lady Gaga as the halftime performer at the Super Bowl.  Us Weekly wasn’t alone in reporting that Lady Gaga had agreed to perform.  Sources confirmed the news with Entertainment Tonight.  Last week, Billboard started the ball rolling about Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl. She sang the national anthem at this year’s Super Bowl.  ... [Read Full Story]

Jonny & Meagan Mornings: How Not To Be The Jerk In The School Drop-Off Line

Drop-off lines are meant to move along! If everyone parks in the middle of the drop-off line to have a conversation with a teacher or another parent, or get out and personally escort their child into his classroom, or basically do anything besides come to a complete stop and say “Have a great day!” for the 20 seconds it should take for the kid to unbuckle himself and get out, then nobody will ever get through the line. There are other places to do all those things.... [Read Full Story]