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Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, March 29

  • National Vietnam War Veterans Day
  • National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

Does what you drink on a first date matter? Apparently so, according to a new survey by Jack Daniel’s. In fact, 30% of those surveyed said they’ve ended a date early because of what their date ordered to drink. And it seems this is a bigger deal for men than women. 60% of the guys surveyed said a date’s bad drink order would be a “deal breaker,” compared to 32% of women.
So what drinks are people impressed by?
1. Martini – 60%
2. Gin and Tonic – 46%
3. Manhattan – 45%
4. Old Fashioned – 43%
5. (tie) Cosmo – 42%; Whiskey Sour – 42%
So what drink makes a bad impression? A Long Island Iced Tea.
The survey also found that 37% feel so much pressure for that first-date drink order that they order something “fancy” that they usually don’t drink. (SWNS)

Seems the “never go to bed angry” advice is true … and it extends to all types of relationships. A new study from Oregon State University found that it’s NOT good to sleep on things – whether it’s an argument with your significant other or an argument with a co-worker. According to researchers, it’s best to resolve issues right away, rather than allowing them to fester – which can affect both your mental and physical health. In fact, according to the study, resolving issues right away can lead to a longer, healthier, and happier life.

What’s your go-to midnight snack? If your late-night hunger pangs come in a pint, you’re not alone. According to a recent Health Digest survey, 30% of people choose ice cream as their fav late-night snack. Potato chips are a close second choice of late-night snackers.

Music News – Monday, March 29

At least one member of Britney Spears‘s inner circle is all in on the idea of letting her choose her own conservator — and hints she might get back to work if that happens.
The anonymous source tells the New York Post that Brit’s life would be “drastically better” if Jodi Montgomery permanently replaced dad Jamie Spears in the role. According to the insider, “Britney trusts Jodi Montgomery  — she’s really great. If Jodi becomes her conservator, things would drastically change for Britney — she’s not working because of her dad. She has said that as long as a dad is in control of her life, she’s not working.”
Montgomery has been handling some of Britney’s affairs since Jamie suffered a near-fatal medical setback in the fall of 2019.

Lady Gaga is inviting everyone over to her place for a big creative jam session.
The superstar pulled back the curtain on Thursday to reveal The Studio by Klarna x Haus Labs, a new Los Angeles-based creative space that will be open to everyone. Gaga promises visitors will be able to use a sound stage and rehearsal rooms and is even offering to share a room full of instruments and gear that she’s used on stage.
Since it is L.A., the space also includes an “aura generator” to help the flow of those creative juices. Gaga and her partners will be offering grants to encourage the work of the artists using the space. (Billboard)

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello got an extremely unwelcome visit.
According to TMZ, the couple was chilling at home when they heard a commotion and spotted the intruders breaking in through a window. When the crooks saw the coast wasn’t clear, they bolted after grabbing one important item — the keys to Shawn’s Mercedes SUV. which they used as a getaway vehicle.
Los Angeles cops are investigating the crime, but have made no arrests.

The Happy Headline of the Day – Friday, March 26

Samuel James has been a custodian at Citronelle High School in Alabama for 13 years. And, he was walking back and forth to work after his car broke down.
Two teachers at the school — Jeff Pippin and Deborah Pippin — learned that Samuel was walking … and were in a perfect position to help.
They had an extra vehicle — a Toyota Highlander SUV — that they were interested in giving away to someone in need. It was a perfect match.
Samuel was recently surprised with the gift of the Toyota Highlander outside of the school, and the kind gesture moved him to tears.
Samuel said he was blessed to have the car — and also blessed to have Jeff and Deborah as “real good friends.” (WALA-TV)

The Daily Dish – Friday, March 26

Actress Jessica Walter, best known for her roles on TV’s Arrested Development and Archer, has died. She was 80.
In a statement to People magazine, her daughter, Brooke Bowman, says her mother died in her sleep on Wednesday while staying at her home in New York City. “It is with a heavy heart that I confirm the passing of my beloved mom Jessica. A working actor for over six decades, her greatest pleasure was bringing joy to others through her storytelling both on screen and off. While her legacy will live on through her body of work, she will also be remembered by many for her wit, class and overall  .”
Walter’s other credits include the movies Play Misty for Me and The Flamingo Kid as well as the TV shows Trapper John M.D. and Streets of San Francisco.

Johnny Depp won’t get a chance to overturn the ruling in his U.K. libel lawsuit. The star has lost his bid for an appeal.
Johnny sued The Sun for calling him a “wife beater” a few years back. In November a judge ruled the allegations he abused ex-wife Amber Heard were “substantially true.” Now the judge has upheld that ruling.
According to TMZ, Johnny’s lawyers recently “tried to argue that Amber had an unfair advantage and boosted credibility because she vowed to donate her entire $7 million divorce settlement … something she still hasn’t done.”
His lawyers now tell TMZ that the evidence it presented in his bid to appeal “further demonstrates that there are clear and objective reasons to seriously question the decision reached.”

People magazine says Alex Rodriguez is doing everything he can to save his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. A source tells the magazine, “Alex remains committed to working on things with Jennifer. It was important to Jennifer that Alex stepped up in a public way and showed his level of commitment to her with a trip to see her while working. Jennifer appreciates big gestures like these. … Things between the two of them are heading in the right direction. Jennifer will be in the Dominican shooting the film for several more weeks, so Alex will be trying to make it over there from Miami as often as his schedule allows. Jennifer is struggling with trust issues. They are far from planning a wedding again, but they are still engaged.”

Furry Friends Friday with Toonies from Animal Aid of Southwestern Michigan – March 26

It’s FURRY FRIENDS FRIDAY from The Mason Jar Cafe featuring TOONIES!
Guaranteed to liven up your life, this two year old female cat’s name is Toonies. She’s athletic, adventurous, but loves to sit next to you and be petted. Toonies is a stunning silver tabby with immense green eyes. She is good with other cats and dogs. Toonies is not too interested in being carried around because it is so much faster if she just blazes the path herself! Up-to-date on shots and uses the litter box well. Please call Animal Aid of Southwestern Michigan at 269-926-4279 to make an appointment to meet our beautiful and lively Toonies.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Friday, March 26

National Spinach Day: A good day to take Popeye’s advice and eat your spinach.
And Popeye was right … A new study out of Australia found that just one serving of leafy greens – like spinach — every day increases muscle function. Spinach can even keep you strong as you get older. And it’s not just spinach – broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, and kale – which all included nitrate – will give you muscles like Popeye.

Despite even our best intentions, a new study finds…we really suck at keeping our New Year’s resolutions.  Researchers in Australia tracked a bunch of people who set new personal goals for the New Year and found most of them gave up within the first month. No surprise, most resolutions had something to do with losing weight or getting fit. And nearly half of ‘em had the same resolution as they year before.

Do you like your coffee to taste like… coffee? Coffee mate, which offers more than a dozen different flavors like hazelnut, caramel, and even Cinnamon Toast Crunch, has added coffee-flavored coffee creamer — seriously. Now, you can make your cup of coffee taste like … coffee. In fact, you can even choose from two flavors of coffee-flavored creamers — Classic Colombian and Italian Espresso Roast.

Do you feel tired all the time? New research (by California Almonds) found that lots of us are experiencing “pandemic fatigue” – with 45% saying they feel more tired since all of this started a year ago. And it seems that it’s hitting younger people even harder, with 68% of 18- to 24-year-olds saying they feel more tired than usual. In fact, according to the research, the average adult experiences fatigue about 3 and a half hours a day. And to get through the day, a lot of people are relying on the usual suspects – caffeine and candy. 40% of those surveyed down four or more cups of coffee a day and more than 30% rely on sugary snacks to keep them moving throughout the day. These, of course, cause short spikes in energy … but then lead to more crashes and more tiredness. (SWNS)

And, it appears the pandemic has made ‘Dad bods’ the biggest turn on for singles. Dating.com did a survey and found 75 percent of single people found ‘pudgy’ dad bods turned them on more than any other body type. Good news, considering another study this week found the average American gained 29 pounds during the pandemic.

Music News – Friday, March 26

Britney Spears‘s troubled personal life took another turn on Wednesday — with her lawyer filing a petition to put her “temporary” conservator in permanent control of her affairs.
Brit’s attorney formally requested that Jodi Montgomery, who’s been making decisions for the singer since September of 2019, be made her permanent conservator — icing dad Jamie Spears out of the picture. Montgomery initially took over after Jamie fell ill and was hospitalized for several months.
The petition asks that Jamie Spears resign from controlling Britney’s day-to-day decisions. He may continue to look after her estate, but Jodi Montgomery would make calls about Britney’s ability to work, her rights to visit her teenage sons and possible control of a tell-all interview. (Variety)

Bono is one of the voices in a new animated Web series that spotlights the limited access to the COVID-19 vaccines in the world’s poorest countries.
Seven episodes of Pandemica are on the YouTube page of the One Campaign, the health and anti-poverty organization co-founded by the U2 singer. The voice cast for the series includes Penelope CruzConnie BrittonNick KrollKumail NanjianiPhoebe RobinsonMichael Sheen and Wanda Sykes.
Bono tells Rolling Stone, “Beyond the animation and subversive humor, you’ll see that Pandemica is the worst place to be in the COVID-19 pandemic. While Pandemica may not be a real place, for billions of people around the world it’s all too real. Vaccines now bring the hope of a way through, but it won’t be a way out unless every country on the planet has access to enough vaccines. If this vaccine isn’t everywhere, then this pandemic isn’t going anywhere.”

The Happy Headline of the Day – Thursday, March 25

15-year-old Damien Lanning has been through some tough challenges in his life. He has dealt with kidney disease and was in foster care because social services couldn’t find a family willing and able to meet his medical needs.
A few years ago, things got so bad that Damien was forced to leave school and move into a hospital.
Along the way, though, he also had some good fortune. He met a middle school math teacher named Finn Lanning, and things started turning around for Damien.
Finn learned about Damien’s kidney disease when Damien explained that he had to leave school and move into that hospital.
Finn — a longtime bachelor — stepped up. He stood by Damien’s side as a foster parent as Damien got a much-needed kidney transplant.
And then, a few months ago, Finn went even further and adopted Damien.
The surgery was a success and Damien is now a healthy, thriving teenager, who calls the arrangement he has with his new dad, Finn, “a dream come true.” (CBS News)

The Daily Dish – Thursday, March 25

Sharon Osbourne is getting ready to fight CBS.
According to Page Six, Sharon has hired “powerhouse lawyer” Jeremiah Reynolds in her negotiations with the network, which is investigating reports of an alleged “racially insensitive and hostile environment” on the show.
The allegations came after her heated on-air debate with Sheryl Underwood over race and Piers Morgan.
Sharon reportedly expects to be fired, but she doesn’t plan to go “without a huge payout from CBS.”
The Talk remains on hiatus.

TMZ says the Valley Rescue Mission, in Los Angeles, is honoring the late Alex Trebek by naming their new homeless shelter The Trebek Center. Alex and his wife donated $500,000 before his death. The new homeless shelter is going to be housed inside a former rolling rink.

Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter, Zara Tindall, recently gave birth on a bathroom floor. Lucas Philip Tindall is Queen Elizabeth’s tenth great-grandchild. Zara’s husband, Mike, is quoted by Newser as saying, “The boy arrived very quickly. It was running to the gym, get a mat, get into the bathroom, get the mat on the floor, towels down, brace, brace, brace. The midwife who had planned to meet them at the hospital arrived as they assumed the position and a second midwife arrived as the baby was being born.”
Lucas is now 22nd in line to the throne.

TMZ says Prince’s ashes are going to be displayed in Paisley Park’s Museum. The Minnesota museum is going to allow 1,400 people in to honor Prince on the fifth anniversary of his death. The visits will last for 30 minutes.

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Thursday, March 25

National Medal of Honor Day: The Medal of Honor is the U.S.’s highest military honor.  It is awarded only to U.S. military personnel by the President of the United States for acts of valor and bravery beyond the call of duty.

Do you have ‘return-to-normal’ anxiety? While the last year caused plenty of feelings of isolation and depression, it also pretty much got rid of something that causes people lots of anxiety – FOMO, or fear of missing out. And it seems some people would rather FOMO stay gone. Fear of Missing Out – that need to attend every party and event, see every hot spot, conquer all the latest challenges — causes some people lots of stress, and with life slowly coming back to a semblance of normalcy, FOMO is coming back too. (Men’s Health)

So, how much weight did we really gain during quarantine? …  According to a study from the University of California – San Francisco, the Quarantine 15 may be pretty accurate. Researchers found that the average American gained just over half a pound for every 10 days spent in lockdown — or 1.5 pounds a month. So, depending on how long you were home, you can do the math … (Insider)

Can the type of food you eat on a first date make or break your relationship? A UK survey of people who are or had been married found that if you have Italian or French food on your first date, chances are you’ll have a long, happy marriage. But this type of cuisine spells doom for your relationship, according to survey respondents. Sorry, Indian food lovers. The survey found that 67% of divorced couples said they had Indian food on their first date. Other foods to stay away from on a first date, according to the survey, are American food (59% of divorced couples had this on their first date) and Chinese food (55% of divorced couples had this on their first date). (Best Life)

Music News – Thursday, March 25

Taylor Swift will take her blast-from-the past release effort to a new level this week — by dropping a tune she recorded for her Fearless album, but never released.
Tay took to Twitter to spill the tea about “You All Over Me,” which she just revamped with the help of Maren Morris and her Folklore collaborator Aaron Dessner. She wrote, “One thing I’ve been loving about these From the Vault songs is that they’ve never been heard, so I can experiment, play, and even include some of my favorite artists.”
“You All Over Me (Taylor’s Version)” drops tonight (Thursday) at midnight.

Ed Sheeran got emotional when introducing a new song Wednesday night — because he debuted the tune at a memorial service for a guy who helped him get his career off the ground.
Ed performed “Visiting Hours” before 7000 people who’d gathered at an arena in Melbourne, Australia to remember Australian music business legend Michael Gudinski. He told the group, “In lockdown I was able to have a guitar for quarantine, and I always find the best way to process stuff is to write songs, be it good news, bad news or whatever, and here is a song I finished last week.”
Sheeran, who completed a 14-day quarantine in Melbourne in order to appear at the service, also performed “Castle on the Hill,” which he described as Gudinski’s favorite of his songs. (Billboard)

Madonna fans may want to think twice before complimenting the Material Mom’s hot bod — since she’s been accused of “borrowing” the body of a much younger woman for a social media post.
Artist Amelia Goldie put up a now-deleted TikTok video accusing Madge of photoshopping her own head onto her body during the 2015 run-up to Rebel Heart. Goldie tells Vice, “I’m surprised it’s still up, actually. I told my parents and they still think it’s a joke and can’t comprehend how or why it’s happened. It’s hilarious.”
Goldie says she’s reached out to Madonna’s reps but hasn’t heard back.

The Happy Headline of the Day – Wednesday, March 24

Jenna Roman of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is the mother of 10-year-old Jerico, who happens to be autistic and deals with unique eating challenges.
Well, things got rough for Jerico and he wasn’t eating or drinking for days. The only thing he could stomach were Maple Cinnamon Waffles from the company Nature’s Path.
More bad news here … Nature’s Path had discontinued these waffles.
So, Jenna went online and asked people to help her with his problem. She was asking others to look in their local stores to see if the waffles were there.
This is where things turned around. Nature’s Path found some cases in their warehouse and sent Jenna the last waffles ever made. Then, the company put their development team to work on a recipe that would allow Jenna and Jerico to make their own maple cinnamon waffles at home.
It was a hit. Jenna and Jerico now have the perfect recipe that tastes just like the waffles they used to get in grocery stores. (Surrey Now-Leader)

The Daily Dish – Wednesday, March 24

Rebel Wilson is on the mend after falling off her bicycle in London.
The Pitch Perfect star hurt her leg on Monday afternoon while out for a ride. On Instagram, she said, “[Expletive] people who don’t have their dogs on the lead and let them run onto the road.”
She also posted a photo of herself resting on a sofa with several ice packs on her leg.
To keep her company, Rebel’s famous pals have been visiting her – including Matt Lucas.

Bethenny Frankel is wearing a million dollars on her hand — after getting engaged to Paul Bernon.
Soon after the engagement, the former star of The Real Housewives of New York was spotted on the beach flaunting a massive diamond ring. Apeksha Kothari, chief operating officer at RareCarat.com, tells Page Six Style, “It looks like she wore a three-stone ring that features a huge 8- to 10-carat emerald-shaped center stone set with two smaller emerald accent diamonds we estimate to be around 3 carats total.”
She adds that “if it’s a real, natural diamond, I’d estimate its retail value at up to $1 million for a natural emerald-shaped diamond ring of that size.”
Bethenny and Paul began dating in 2018. They split two years later but reconciled a few months ago.

Banksy painting showing a boy playing with a toy nurse wearing a superhero cape sold for more than $20 million on Tuesday, according to Reuters.
That’s an auction record for the mysterious British street artist.
Christie’s said proceeds from the sale of the black-and-white hand-painted artwork will be used to “fund wellbeing projects for staff and patients, and distributed to a wider community of healthcare providers both within [Britain’s National Health Service] and charitable sectors.”
A reproduction of the painting, called “Game Changer,” will hang at University Hospital Southampton.

The Coast Social Network with Berrien Community Foundation – Wednesday, March 24

Zack is joined by Lisa Cripps-Downey from the Berrien Community Foundation, alongside Bob Rowe of Renaissance Enterprises, to talk about Grantmaking at Berrien Community Foundation and their Senior Empowerment Endowment fund. To find out more information on Berrien Community Foundation, visit berriencommunity.org.... [Read Full Story]

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Wednesday, March 24

  • National Equal Pay Day: This day brings to light the differences in pay between men and women. It represents how far into the year a woman has to work to earn as much as a man doing the same job.
  • National Cheesesteak Day

Can you teach yourself to be happy? Apparently, the answer is yes. A study from Italy revealed that people who took a course in happiness actually learned to be happier. After a nine-month course on happiness, researchers found that the participants were happier with themselves and their life and had lower levels of stress and anger.

As the weather gets nicer, seems a lot of work-from-homers plan to move their “office” outside. A new British survey found that 43% of remote workers said they’re going to move themselves and their laptops outside now that spring has sprung. 62% of those surveyed said that being outside in the fresh air and sunshine would make them more productive. 40% said they were sick of staring at the same four walls and need a change of scenery. 60% said they’ve felt trapped working from home and being stuck inside all winter. (SWNS)

Here’s a good reason to do some spring cleaning … Seems all the clutter around us affects our mood. In a new survey, 40% said their surroundings have a definite impact on how they feel. What had the most influence on them? 52% said how neat and clean their room was influenced their mood, 52% said they were affected by the smell of their surroundings, and 49% said the temperature of the room made a big difference in how they felt. (SWNS)

It’s hard to admit your life already peaked.  Which is why most of us won’t admit it . . . and maybe we never will. A new survey asked people of all ages what age they were when they peaked or when they THINK they’ll peak.  And the average answer is . . . 37. But that doesn’t mean most people who are over 37 are willing to say it’s all downhill from there. Two-thirds of people say they haven’t peaked yet and their best years are still coming.

Music News – Wednesday, March 24

Katy Perry is betting big on Las Vegas regaining its pre-pandemic sizzle — by signing on for a residency that will kick off later this year.
Katy Kat, who’s been juggling roles as new mom and American Idol judge, will be the first artist to play the brand new Theater at Resorts World. Producers haven’t revealed specific dates for the residency, but the singer is expected to “Roar” into the 5000-seat room towards the end of the year, and hold down the fort into 2022. (NME)

AVClub.com says Meatloaf is developing a new dating show titled ”I’d Do Anything For Love… But I Won’t Do That”. Singles will compete in a variety of comedic physical games in order to find love.

For years, Elton John’s Oscar party has been one of the biggest awards night bashes. It drew the chicest, splashiest and most famous guests. This year, we all get to go! Sir Elton is holding a virtual Oscars party on April 25th. Joining the Rocket Man and his husband, David Furnish, as host will be Neil Patrick Harris. Dua Lipa will perform. Elton and David announced the party on Elton’s Instagram page. Pop singer Dua Lipa dropped by virtually on Instagram to announce her participation. The party will raise funds for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

The Happy Headline of the Day – Tuesday, March 23

Nick Slatten of Sparta, Tennessee, has been through a bit of a roller coaster this month.
He bought a $1 million winning lottery ticket. And then lost it … only to find it again later in the day.
Nick bought the ticket at a grocery store and realized he was a big winner. He was so excited that he shared the news with his fiancée. But, he wasn’t excited enough to take the day off.
Instead, he ran some errands, that included taking his brother to an auto parts store.
Somewhere along the way, Nick lost the ticket. Fear set in.
But, Nick retraced his steps and found the winning ticket in the parking lot of that auto parts store. It was on the ground and, luckily for Nick, nobody thought to pick it up.
Nick says that he and his fiancée plan to continue working, but plan to buy a new house and a car — and invest the rest of the money.
While there were some stressful moments because that ticket was lost, Nick also says he hopes to live a life with “not a whole lot of worries” moving forward. (NBC News)

The Daily Dish – Tuesday, March 23

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are “putting the work in” to save their relationship, a source tells Page Six.
A-Rod flew back to the Dominican Republic over the weekend to repair the couple’s strained relationship. The insider adds, “You have to be together to do that.”
The former baseball star supposedly jets off to the D.R., where his fiancée is filming a new movie, “every 10 days or so.”
Earlier this month, the couple reportedly broke off their engagement after A-Rod was linked to Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy. But the couple allegedly reconciled after a heart-to-heart.

Angelina Jolie says she can offer “proof and authority” in their upcoming divorce trial that Brad Pitt is guilty of domestic violence.
The claims were made in court documents filed under seal on March 12th, but the allegations have been made public and Brad is said to be distraught over the leak. A source tells Entertainment Tonight, “Brad is heartbroken it has come to this. Those around him feel Angelina’s claims are to sway the court in her favor. Brad has never attacked her.”
The insider adds, “Brad is anxious to get custody worked out so that the family can finally move on. He just wants to spend time with his children and move in a positive direction. His priority has always been his relationship with his children.”
Angie’s claim refers to her 2016 abuse allegations against her ex.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle admit they were not married in a backyard three days before their official ceremony, as they claimed in their big interview with Oprah Winfrey.
A spokesperson for the couple now admits to The Daily Beast that “the couple exchanged personal vows a few days before their official/legal wedding on May 19.”
That backyard ceremony wasn’t an official union.
In the Oprah interview, Meghan said, “You know, three days before our wedding, we got married. No one knows that. The vows that we have framed in our room are just the two of us in our backyard with the Archbishop of Canterbury.”
The Sun got its hands on the couple’s marriage license on Monday confirming that their legal wedding date is May 19th.

In his long and accomplished career, Dr. Anthony Fauci probably never expected to add this to his resume — he’s the subject of a children’s book.
Dr. Fauci: How a Boy From Brooklyn Became America’s Doctor, written by Kate Messner and illustrated by Alexandra Bye, will be out on June 29th. Messner interviewed Fauci for the book, which will document his life from childhood through present day. It’s available for pre-order now. (CBS News)

Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Tuesday, March 23

Puppy Day: A great day to adopt a new pup.

Are we less healthy than our parents? An alarming new study from The Ohio State University reveals that younger generations are getting increasingly unhealthy. In fact, Millennials and Gen- Xers are seeing greater risks of disease — including heart disease and diabetes — than their Baby Boomer parents. The reasons why? Researchers believe it’s rising obesity rates, as well as unhealthy behaviors like smoking and excessive drinking. They are also experiencing higher rates of depression and anxiety than older generations.

Well, here’s a great way to see if you really want that tattoo … Ephemeral Tattoo, a new tattoo studio opening in Brooklyn, New York, this week, is offering tattoos made with ink that’s designed to fade. The tattoo artists still use needles to do the tats – but the ink they use, the studio’s own “made to fade” product, disappears after about a year. (NY Post)

It’s easy to watch period dramas like Outlander and Bridgerton and forget about the little things — like lack of personal hygiene and plumbing. But the fact of the matter is, everything and everyone was really stinky back then! In an effort to educate people on how life really was throughout history, a popular Dutch museum is pairing its 17th century exhibit with scents — a sort of smell-and-see experience. It’s designed to give you the full effect of what life was like in the past. This includes both the good odors, like popular perfume from the day, and bad, like the smell of a canal on a hot summer day. (Newser)

If you’re eligible for a COVID vaccine and you get your shot, you will also be eligible to receive a free Krispy Kreme doughnut. The chain announced that anyone who visits a Krispy Kreme location and shows their vaccination card showing that they’ve received at least one shot, can get enjoy one free glazed doughnut — no purchase necessary. And this isn’t a one-time thing. You can show proof of vaccination and get a free doughnut every day – till the end of the year. The company also announced that they will be showing support for health care workers and volunteers by delivering free doughnuts to select vaccination centers across the country in the coming weeks. (Business Wire)

Music News – Tuesday, March 23

Millions of people want to hear Britney Spears get back to singing — and her mom is one of them.
Brit posted a throwback video of herself belting out “You Got It All,” a hit by ’80s hitmakers The Jets, and captioned it with a sweet note from Lynne. She wrote, “Geez … My mom sent this to me and reminded me that I can sing!!!! She said ‘You never sing anymore… You need to again!!!!'”
Talking about the obscure clip, Britney added, “I’ve actually never watched this performance… It’s definitely from a while ago!!!! It’s from one of the first trips I took alone… Mostly I just remember saying ‘WOW Singapore.'”

Meghan Trainor‘s bubbly personality helped propel her up the charts — and that charm just landed her a starring role in a new sitcom.
According to Variety, Meghan has signed a massive deal with NBC, which will bring her to prime-time in her very own show. Details about the series are scarce — there’s no title or plot yet — but it’s said to be the first of many projects featuring the gal behind “It’s All About That Bass.”
Meghan has some experience making people laugh — with voice roles in the animated films Smurfs: The Lost Village and Playmobil: The Movie.

Pop singer Lizzo is looking for a few good — and plus-sized — women for her new reality show.
The star is bringing her body-positivity message to her first project for Amazon — a competition to pick dancers and other performers to work with her on tour. A casting call ad says Lizzo’s team is looking for “full figured dancers and models who have for far too long been underrepresented and under-appreciated.”
As for qualifications? The casting call says “Come as you are and be sure to bring good energy — and that ass. Got the juice? APPLY NOW.”
There’s no word on a premiere date for the series, which will feature Lizzo in front of the camera. (Variety)

The Happy Headline of the Day – Monday, March 22

Whenever you’re in need of a little inspiration to make positive change in your life, think about Dave Gilbert.
Dave has Multiple Sclerosis, but he’s never let that get in the way of his goals. He’s an ultra-marathoner who runs close to 50 miles — sometimes more — every weekend. But these aren’t easy miles on flat roads. Dave seeks out rugged, hilly trails for training. And when he does race 30, 40 or 50 miles, he almost always finishes in the Top 5.
And as if that weren’t enough to wear him out, Dave teaches special-needs fifth graders in Howell, New Jersey. He says, “No matter how far or hard I run on the weekends, I make sure that I get up and go to my classroom on Monday. There are no sick days. My students need me!”
What’s Dave’s next challenge? A 100-mile race …

The Daily Dish – Monday, March 22

The Talk isn’t returning anytime soon.
The CBS show has extended its hiatus for the second time. According to People, the show was set to be back this week, but the network has decided to hold off on new episodes as it continues to investigate Sharon Osbourne.
The co-host came under fire last week after she defended her friend Piers Morgan, who had criticized Meghan Markle. Things also got heated between Sharon and co-host Sheryl Underwood.
Since then, former co-hosts have accused Sharon of using racist language.
Sharon has expressed her belief that she’ll soon be fired from the show.

An intruder broke into Johnny Depp’s Hollywood home on Thursday — and then raided his liquor cabinet and took a shower.
Police were called to the actor’s residence after his security team was alerted to someone being inside, sources tell TMZ.
The unidentified man was taking a shower when officers arrived. He refused to leave, forcing cops to kick down the door.
Earlier, the man had made himself a drink from Johnny’s stash.
This comes two months after a woman was arrested inside the same property.

Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch has been accused of sexual misconduct toward a young woman at a private Goth club in Hollywood in 2019.
In an L.A. Times expose, club-goer Hannah Harding claims the actor made “lewd sexual overtures” toward her and her girlfriend.
The club’s operations manager, Kate Morgan, said she alerted the co-founders of the now-defunct Cloak & Dagger of the incident but felt like “they dismissed it.”
Middleditch allegedly tried to make amends in an Instagram direct message. He supposedly wrote, “Hannah I had no idea my actions were that weird for you … I know you probably want to just put me on blast as a monster … I don’t expect you to want to be my friend or anything … I am so ashamed I made you uncomfortable.”
Cloak & Dagger closed in January.

The Coast Social Network with the Women’s Business Center at Cornerstone Alliance – Monday, March 22

Zack is joined by Jessica and Kristen from the Women’s Business Center at Cornerstone Alliance to introduce the WomanLed virtual empowerment series of speakers, with the first event featuring Charmaine Brown on March 31st. Get details here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/womanled-with-special-guest-charmaine-brown-tickets-143377827943
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Michigan Works! Can Help Businesses & Individuals in Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties

Zack speaks with Norma Devonish from Michigan Works! Berrien, Cass, Van Buren about opportunities for free support for local businesses that need assistance with their most pressing challenges, recruitment, and individual assistance with training, education, food assistance, career services, tuition assistance and other great personalized services. Get more details right now at miworks.org.
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Coffee Talk from Honor Credit Union – Monday, March 22

TODAY IS: National Goof Off Day: Saturday was the first day of spring, and, let’s face it, we probably all have some serious spring fever. So – take some time to good off today.

More and more people are getting their COVID-19 vaccines – which is great news. But when you’re posting your vaccine selfies, you’re better off simply posting a photo of your band aid rather than the actual vaccine card proving you got your shots. According to the Better Business Bureau, those cards pose a huge identity theft risk because there is sensitive information, including your birth date and medical identification number, on the card. With a little digging, scammers can access way too much personal information with what’s visible on the card. On top of that, there’s also a huge market for printing up fake vaccine cards, which are getting sold for lots of money online! (Good Housekeeping)

Speaking of COVID vaccines, the state of Michigan is expanding vaccination eligibility for Michiganders ages 16 and older with disabilities or medical conditions that put them at high risk of negative COVID-19 outcome beginning today. The state is also announced that beginning Monday, April 5, all Michiganders age 16 and up who were not previously eligible will be eligible to receive a vaccine.

NCAA Women’s Basketball finally got a weight room on par with that of the men’s – after being called out on social media. Earlier this week, Stanford University Sports Performance Coach Ali Kershner shared photos on Instagram of a sad, small rack of dumbbells in the tiny women’s weight room compared to the benches, plates, racks and barbells in the massive men’s weight room. “This needs to be addressed,” Kershner wrote in the post. Well, it was. And the women received an upgraded facility. (Today)

How often do you write? Not just typing on a laptop or texting on your phone. How often do you put pen to paper? If you don’t, maybe you should start. Researchers from the University of Tokyo found that actually writing things down on paper helps you remember them better.

Is spring cleaning actually a popular thing now? Apparently it is. A new YouGov poll found that 77% of Americans say they plan to do some spring cleaning this year.  31% say they plan to do their spring cleaning this month. 28% said they’re waiting until April.  17% say they don’t plan to do any spring cleaning.

Music News – Monday, March 22

Huey Lewis is going to be featured on MTV’s ”Behind the Music.” The show is being rebooted for the Paramount+ streaming service. Jennifer Lopez, LL Cool J and Ricky Martin will also be featured

Taylor Swift tells Elle magazine that she loves to cook. “I’ve always cooked a LOT, but I found three recipes I know I’ll be making at dinner parties for life: Ina Garten’s Real Meatballs and Spaghetti (I just use packaged bread crumbs and only ground beef for meat), Nigella Lawson’s Mughlai Chicken, and Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Fajitas with Molé Sauce. Getting a garlic crusher is a whole game changer. I also learned how to immediately calculate Celsius to Fahrenheit in my head. Which is what I’m pretty sure the Internet would call a ‘weird flex.'”